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Today’s world offers a constant stream of new technology tools and technological advancements, so it can be challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations. Technology is usually sold to us as something that will advance and improve our lives, but in many cases (especially for those of us who aren’t tech-savvy), the pace and breadth of new technologies can leave us feeling overwhelmed and underinformed.

Our technology section is here to support the majority of humans living in the modern world who are tech-functional, but not technology savants). We curate stories on the latest technology that either (a) has the power to simplify — rather than complicate — our lives; or (b) was designed with the primary purpose of making a positive impact on humanity and the world.  

Keep Up on the New Technology That is Changing the World

  • Education: Learn how you can use technology tools to simplify your life, improve the lives of others, and connect with other people.
  • Inspiration: Discover how technological advancements are generating positive change in the world. Get inspired by reading our interviews with technology trailblazers who are creating products that will provide us with new opportunities.
  • Action: Try out new apps, plug-ins, and devices!(Just check out user reviews.) You can always go back to your old ways, but you never know when you’ll discover something new that really improves your access to information and/or quality of life!

Technology isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important that we make peace with it and find a comfort level with new technology, especially the type that has the potential to improve our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. We are here to help you learn about new technology that has the power to improve your life and/or bring about positive social change.