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Social media has not only changed the way that we communicate with each other and consume information. It has also given rise to a new type of celebrity: the social influencer. Social influencers have a major impact by cultivating a personal connection with their audience. This gives influencers the power to shape everything from travel plans to our financial decisions to if, when and how we vote.

When social media stars use their platform for a good cause, it matters–and these are the type of influencers we want to celebrate. The term “social influencer” might make you envision heavily-filtered bikini selfies on Instagram, paid for by a weight-loss supplement company in exchange for a few hundred thousand likes — but there are other types of influencers out there. We are focused on highlighting social media mavens who are making an impact on their industry, building a tribe of loyal followers, and dedicated to generating positive social change.

Changing the Game: Social Influencers Who are Making an Impact

  • Education: Learn about the causes and initiatives for which social influencers are making a major impact! Learn effective engagement strategies and discover new tools that will help you build your own network of social influence.
  • Inspiration: Read the stories of successful social influencers to find out how you can use their strategies to build your own signature brand.
  • Action: Discover what you can do to support the social initiatives of your favorite influencers. You can learn a lot by joining a few tribes and discover the passion that builds community!

Read on to discover social media influencers who are having a big impact!