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Mind Of A Mentor

Mind of a Mentor is an original weekly podcast hosted by Like A Boss Girls CEO & Founder, Marla Isackson. Each week, the podcast highlights an honest and candid conversation with a featured inspirational woman who shares her personal story — the struggles, triumphs, lessons, and everything in between.

From a U.S. Navy veteran to the managing editor of a plus-size magazine to a professional soccer player and LGBTQ activist, Mind of a Mentor features influential figures in a wide variety of careers and personal pursuits.

The beauty of Mind of a Mentor lies not only in the inspiration, but also in its vulnerability. Our guests have been brave enough to discuss some of the most challenging times in their lives, touching on topics like toxic relationships, eating disorders, and death in the family. The way that they have overcome these obstacles is extraordinary and we are so appreciative of their stories.

Listening to this weekly podcast feels like having a conversation with a close friend. Mind of a Mentor is a beautiful reminder of the countless ways that we are all connected as humans on our journey through life.