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There are many unique and creative people and products that may not be featured in this year’s Forbes Top 100, but they still deserve a moment in the spotlight. Our feature story articles highlight notable people and products making their mark in a variety of sectors, including music, dance, fashion, business coaching, fitness, and the food/beverage industry.

We are celebrating the personal pursuits of people who decided to follow their passion and take a more challenging path, carving out a career for themselves based on their greatest strengths.

From Under the Radar to In the Spotlight: Feature Stories on One-of-a-Kind People and Products

Education: Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. Expand your horizons by reading about our featured people and products. Be the first to meet our rising stars and up-and-coming brands.
Inspiration: Each feature story article has something special to offer. Use the words of others as motivation for your own pursuits!
Action: Discover under-the-radar artists, trends and products and show your support. Get ideas for your own creative pursuits and let our feature stories guide you toward the first steps of making them happen!

The one thing we all have in common as humans is that each one of us has a unique identity and a story to tell. Our Feature Story section celebrates the tenacity and creativity of the people who live out loud.