Cara Delevingne Did Nothing Wrong in her Paper Towns Interview

paper towns movie posterIf you’ve been as excited for the Paper Towns movie as we are, then you probably heard about the “awkward” interview actress Cara Delevingne had with Good Morning Sacramento a few days ago.

After seeing posts on twitter about Whoopi Goldberg stating Delevingne has to “SUCK. IT. UP. Unprofessional is unprofessional” I went and checked out the interview footage for myself, expecting Cara to have made some grossly inappropriate or unprofessional conversation.

In reality it was the complete opposite, as it was the Good Morning Sacramento interviewers who made fools of themselves by…

  1. calling her “Carla” at the top of the interview
  2. not alerting the audience (or themselves for that matter) that since she was across the world, her feed was on a delay so
    she gets the questions later and therefore reacts seconds later (thus appearing “uninterested” when she’s actually still listening to the [stupid] questions, and might seem “rude” when she talks over them because as I will restate SHE’S ON A DELAY AND THEY DON’T GIVE HER TIME TO RESPOND BEFORE ASKING ANOTHER QUESTION
  3. not alerting the audience that she can’t see the hosts, so she has to listen to the questions without seeing their expressions or gestures which might make her “thinking” reactions weird on camera
  4. asking condescending questions like “have you read the book?” (then not appreciating her wit when she responds “no I never read the book or the script actually, I kinda winged it!”). Of course she’s read the book and she goes on with heartfelt praise for all work of author John Green (but serious sidebar: if you haven’t read his books–hello Fault in Our Stars–start today, you’ll feel all the feels!)
  5. Then bizarre/confusing questions like “do you find that it’s easier for you to focus because you’re so busy, or if you had downtime do you think it wouldn’t be so easy?”
  6. and then have the audacity to say “you seemed more excited” weeks ago, gang up on her with “you seem irritated,”
  7. and then belittlingly “we’ll let you go then, how bout that? Take a little nap, maybe get a red bull, how bout that?”
  8. and then when the interview cuts off they talk about her with “wow she was in a mood!”

The only people at fault here are the Good Day Sacramento hosts who took the consequences of technological feed delays as rudeness and didn’t act the way they should as the hosting party.

Cara Delevingne handled herself with both grace and humor. 

Do you agree bossery or am I missing something? Who do you think fudged up the interview?

xo, Lucy

also here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet… Where in the world is Margo Roth Speigelman??? 🙂