Enter to Win A $2,500 Wardrobe From Chic & Minimalist Clothing Brand Shades of Black


Click here to enter to win a year’s worth of clothing from Shades of Black!

Shades of Black (a Dept. of GOOD company) is running an exclusive month-long contest from November 15th through December 14th, 2018 for Like a Boss Girls’ community. Don’t miss this opportunity to win an entire year’s worth of Shades of Black clothing (a $2,500 value)!

Co-founded by innovative entrepreneur and humanitarian Joey Adler with brilliant creative Trey Alligood, Shades of Black is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand designed and crafted to exemplify that fashion, like life, can often benefit from the “less is more” mentality.

If you’re a woman who in drawn to fashion that is bold yet understated, and fashion-forward yet minimalist, check out Shades of Black. We think that you will fall in love with their brand and their movement!

Just head to their website to enter for your chance to win a year’s worth of Shades of Black clothing, a $2,500 value! The package includes a style consultation with Shades of Black’s creative director, who will help you craft the perfect minimalist-yet-chic wardrobe.

Click here to enter the contest.

shades of black
Shades of Black