Your Packing List for the Perfect Weekend Bag


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Shades of Black is a minimalist and modern lifestyle brand featuring indispensable wardrobe staples in a monochromatic palette. Founded by the former head of Diesel Canada Joey Adler and former Gents President and Creative Director Trey Alligood, Shades of Black is a predominantly gender-neutral fashion line made up of high-end and fashion-forward fabrics produced in Los Angeles.

Shades of Black subscribes to a “less is more” mentality, with a fluid, enduring, and bold-yet-understated collection that compliments their company’s dedication to social responsibility and harmony in an era of division.

Click here to enter to win a year’s worth of clothing from Shades of Black!

The following post is in partnership with Shades of Black.

We all know that packing light for a quick weekend trip can be a hassle. Do you bring one outfit for every occasion? Those gorgeous-but-impractical stiletto heels that COULD work (if you don’t have to walk for more than 60 seconds)? That extra leather jacket that you’ll need if it’s a chilly evening when you wear that one specific dress?

Whether you’re packing for a weekend trip back home with the family or a fun weekend getaway, it can be a challenge to decide what and how much to pack. No one wants to lug around a 40-pound roller bag for a long weekend!

Since nearly all women can relate to this dilemma, here are some handy tips on how you can throw a weekend bag together without sacrificing style, straight from the quintessential “less is more” experts at Shades of Black

packing list

Do you often feel like you packed incorrectly for your trip? Have you frequently forgotten to pack important items? Do you find packing to be stressful, and end up using the “throw it all in at the last minute” approach?

If you can relate to any of the above, you might want to consider starting every trip with a handwritten packing list. (Retention of information is proven to be higher when we write things down by hand!). Be sure to cover your essentials like socks & underwear, prescriptions, a cosmetic pouch with all of your toiletry and beauty must-haves, and of course, chargers for all of your devices.

From there, it’s time to plan out which items are versatile enough to incorporate into a variety of outfits for each activity on the docket, from indoor to outdoor and day to night. Lay out your go-to weekend bag and your clothes so that you can easily visualize your outfits.

Shades of Black is a gender-neutral, urban brand that prioritizes fashion, fit, and fabric rather than complicated designs or distinctly gendered styles. (An added bonus of traveling with gender-neutral fashion? It’s easier to share pieces with a wide range of travel companions, which opens up even more space in your suitcase or duffel bag!) Shades of Black offers sizes ranging from XXS to XXL and 24-38, so pieces from the brand can fit a wide variety of shapes across the gender spectrum, from petite frames to plus sizes.

Brands like Shades of Black are great for travel because they offer lots of simple items made from high-quality fabrics. Pieces like these can suit both casual and high-fashion looks. Just add in a few bold statement pieces and you’re ready to go!

packing list

Once you’ve got each day’s #OOTD (or two) picked out, pack to maximize space – tightly roll pants and t-shirts, carefully fold jackets and blouses, and tuck smaller items in available pockets of space, like inside of shoes or in between piles. Keep small items together and organized in standout toiletry bags. With essentials locked and loaded in your suitcase or duffel, you can pack things like your laptop, makeup, wallet, and water bottle in a separate travel-friendly bag. Just like that, you’ve streamlined your packing process and you’re ready to hit the road. Bon voyage!


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Shades of Black is a gender-neutral lifestyle brand inspired by “less is more” simplicity coupled with a contemporary design aesthetic. To learn more about the Shades of Black brand, head to their website.