Meet Joey Adler, The Woman Behind Shades Of Black


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Co-founded by innovative entrepreneur and humanitarian Joey Adler with brilliant creative Trey Alligood, Shades of Black is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand designed and crafted to exemplify that fashion, like life, can often benefit from the “less is more” mentality. Designed for the woman who is bold yet understated and fashion-forward yet minimalist, Shades of Black is the perfect brand to embody this ethos. If this sounds like you or someone in your life, we hope that you will fall in love with our brand and our movement.

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The following post is in partnership with Shades of Black.

It’s time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table.

—Sheryl Sandberg

In the words of Beyoncé: “Who run the world? Girls.” With more and more data backing up the idea that the future is female, this notion of female equality in the workplace is gaining tremendous traction and bombarding traditional corporate environments with female agents of change.

Women over forty have been particularly under-represented in the workplace, especially in executive or senior roles. The majority of this female demographic are trapped in entry-level or administrative positions where upward mobility is slow or unlikely. But according to a 2012 report by Dow Jones, companies with at least one female senior executive are more likely to be successful than companies with only men in the top positions. That means women over forty hold an incredible amount of workforce potential — they are more likely to hold the keys to the innovation that will truly guide businesses and industries forward into a successful future.

Older women can sometimes feel like they’re invisible to workplaces and businesses, but they’re actually the trailblazers others should be watching.

—Joseph F. Coughlin, author and director of MIT’s AgeLab

Entrepreneurship is thriving more than ever, especially with the rise of the “gig” economy, and even more so for women either re-entering the workforce or looking to break free from corporate bureaucracy. They’re looking to be recognized for their accomplishments. They’re looking for new opportunities to innovate and excel. And it’s about time.

As founder of Dept. of GOOD, co-creator of the Shades of Black fashion line and multiple other brands, and former CEO of Diesel Canada, Joey Adler is a perfect example of this trajectory. After spending thirty years in the corporate fashion world, raising a family, and experiencing major life changes, she was ready to do more.

Joey Adler, the woman behind Shades of Black.
Joey Adler poses with the Children’s Choir of Africa at the OneXOne Gala in Toronto. | (George Pimentel/Wireimage/Courtesy of Shades of Black)

Initially, her lease on life led to philanthropy and non-profit work. Joey founded ONEXONE in 2005, which was created to help children in need around the world. After many years in the non-profit sector, her new dream was born, which is the perfect blend of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. The Dept. of GOOD was established as a future-friendly marketplace community of conscious buyers and sellers participating in the “Do Good, Feel Good” movement.

Dept. of GOOD is on a mission to cultivate and curate innovative products, both locally and globally, and build a bridge between the digital world of e-commerce and the traditional retail storefront. In keeping with her gameplay, Joey co-founded Shades of Black with long-time fashion colleague Trey Alligood, who also serves as the creative director of Dept. of GOOD. Together, they are pioneers in a new world marketplace with their vision for a modern, urban fashion line that is sleek and, above all, minimalist without sacrificing style. Based in Los Angeles, Shades of Black is a gender-neutral lifestyle brand inspired by “less is more” simplicity, coupled with a contemporary design aesthetic. Together they represent the perfect formula — the quintessential Boss Girl with several decades of business success and life experience, plus the Gen Y creative mind thriving in the fashion world, supported by a team of passionate millennials.

Joey Adler, the woman behind Shades of Black.
(Courtesy of Shades of Black)

Joey is part of a growing trend of women over forty embarking on new business opportunities across a variety of industries. These women are taking their ample career and life experience and applying it to innovative new ventures in what’s becoming a new wave of women-led businesses.

Likewise, Joey has funneled her highly decorated corporate career in fashion and her humanitarian initiatives into creating the Dept. of GOOD. She believes that a critical part of bringing her vision to life is by building a robust team that encompasses both ends of the talent spectrum. This marriage of retail and social consciousness is poised to leverage not only the goodwill of the baby boomers and Gen Y generations but also the social justice goals of the millennial and Gen Z population. This approach ensures a diverse and dynamic think tank for rich collaboration and groundbreaking enterprise.

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.

—Maya Angelou

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Enter to win $2,500 worth of Shades of Black clothing!

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Dept. of GOOD is an innovative, for-profit, technology-driven platform for B2B and B2C retail. They create an interwoven ecosystem driven by blockchain, independent retailers, and global communities, manifesting disruption for GOOD. To learn more about Dept. of GOOD’s mission, visit their website.

Shades of Black is a gender-neutral lifestyle brand inspired by “less is more” simplicity coupled with a contemporary design aesthetic. To learn more about the Shades of Black brand, head to their website.