All Hail RISE Collaborative Workspace, an All Female Coworking Space

FINALLY! A collective workspace for women has arrived.

As a freelance web designer, blogger, and videographer, I am responsible for creating my own workspace and office.

And guess what? Sometimes, setting up shop at the dining room table just doesn’t cut it.

I notice that it’s not actually the temptation to catch up on How to Get Away with Murder or do laundry that interrupts my work-life balance.

Rather, it’s the opposite. Because I don’t have an official workspace like an office to go to, I just never leave work. The physical space I work in is also the physical space I relax and live in. So sometimes my “office-hours” become round-the-clock as I struggle to shut off my work brain, seeing that there’s so much to be done and all my stuff right there to do it.

So, you can bet I was super jazzed when I discovered that not only is there a new collective workspace for women, but that the first one is being opened in my home town of St. Louis!

What’s better is it’s not just a work space but a mentor / connection / networking space! And get this: it’s designed for bosses of all ages, i.e. they have a specific mentorship and internship program designed for the pre-college business woman.

So are you interested in internships, becoming a mentor, or connecting with smart, strong, & successful women?

If you answered yes (and why wouldn’t you), all of this can be found at RISE Collaborative Workspace.

As a coworking space, it provides women with a professional venue where they can conduct business or hold meetings. As a home away from home for high school girls, it’s a place to do homework and build relationships with mentors.

RISE Collaborative is set to open the doors to their first building in early 2016 in St. Louis County and then take the movement national.

You can be a part of the Founding Team that makes this a reality by backing the RISE Collaborative Workspace Indiegogo campaign before it wraps up on Friday, November 20.

To say thanks for backing their campaign, RISE Collaborative has put together an amazing list of rewards for various levels contributions.

Anyone who contributes today (Wednesday Nov 18), will be entered into a giveaway for a $50 Lululemon gift card.

To learn more about RISE Collaborative Workspace, check out their website at