5 Ways To Get Backing For Your Big Ideas

So, you have a brilliant idea for a business or venture. Now what? Before you dive in head first, think support. Tap into your trusted friends and family to create a safety net, or at the very least, build a foundation that will keep you feeling good and supported as you put your idea into action.

Getting support for your ideas can take practice, especially if you’re Miss Independent or don’t always know how to ask for help. To successfully get the backing and support you need, try these five approaches:

Know the facts

Before you share your big idea, do your homework. Is there evidence that your idea will make a difference or have an impact? Are there facts and data which confirm your idea has legs? Learning everything you can about your idea will give you the confidence you need to ask for support!

Ask Your allies

Share your idea with the people who already support you–friends, teachers, parents–and ask for their input and advice. Seek several different points of view and bring a notepad to record new ideas.

Meet the critics

Have individual, one-on-one meetings with your critics. By listening respectfully, considering your critics’ feedback, and answering tough questions, you’ll show them your commitment and potentially win their support.

Keep it simple

Studies show that people are more responsive to ideas when they’re presented in short, clear ways. When it comes to sharing your idea, get creative–make a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation, create a graph, slide show, or cool video pointing out the important details. To make sure people don’t tune out, keep it short (no longer than 10 minutes!).

Get emotional

As you work towards making your idea a reality, ask others to be a part of the idea-making process. More than likely, they’ll become emotionally invested, and that’s a good thing–when people have a stake in your idea, they’ll work harder to make it a reality!

If you’re looking for ways to raise funds for your project, consider crowdfunding.
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