Start Here! Business Plan Basics [Intro: Part A]


Have a great idea for a business venture? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of would-be entrepreneurs dream and scheme every day about the ideas they’d love to bring to life.

But why doesn’t every inspiring idea make it from creative concept to actuality? This simple fact: There’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than having a great idea. In fact, the idea is just the start. Without a clear business plan for how the idea can become reality, dreams can get stalled before they ever have a chance to take off.

The clear plan we’re talking about? It’s called a Business Plan. And taking the time to create one for your idea can pay off…big time.

business plan

A business plan is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a written plan outlining your idea, your goals, and your approach for making them happen. But the business plan is more than just collection of thoughts and ideas scribbled in a notebook. A formal business plan will end up being a detailed document that may open doors for potential investors, collaborators, and distributors. A business plan tells the world that you mean business (pun intended) – that you’re approaching your idea with sense of clarity and purpose, and from an informed point of view.

Like a Boss Girls was created to give you the tools you need to succeed as you reach for your dreams. We’ll walk you through the how-to’s of writing a kick-butt business plan that will capture the essence of your idea and empower you to take inspired action. We’ll break down the key components of a business plan into bite-size chunks and give you examples of each so you can take your idea and run with it. Additionally, we’ve included some additional worksheets to help you clarify your thinking.

But before diving in, we encourage you to set aside some time, grab a notebook, get comfy, and get your ideas flowing. We included several worksheets to help you identify and clarify your interests and passions, so that you can create the kick-ass business of your dreams. The worksheets include: