Seven Hacks for a Smoother Morning Routine


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If you’re not a “morning person”, then getting your day started on the right foot can be a struggle. You don’t want to do anything, talk to anyone, or go anywhere — unless it involves going back to bed for another few hours of sleep. However, while there may not be a magical pill or procedure (…yet!) to transform a lifelong night owl into an enthusiastic early bird, there are plenty of strategies you can add to your morning routine to make the early hours of your day more enjoyable. These are seven of the best hacks for smoother mornings, compiled by our friends at Shades of Black and Dept. of Good.

1. Streamline your wardrobe for effortless style

morning routine

Go through your clothing and pull anything that doesn’t fit or should be stored until next year. This process will not only save time in the morning, but the additional decluttering will increase your productivity and maximize your space. Purchase fewer clothes and focus on styles that are versatile, high-quality staples for your closet.

Maximize your wardrobe with cohesive brands like Shades of Black, a gender-neutral lifestyle brand that embodies “less is more”. These pieces can be incorporated into your wardrobe for great style at a snap of your fingers. Their minimalist and monochromatic styles can be mixed and matched to suit a wide variety of shapes and styles, upgrading any wardrobe. ​

2. Minimize your skincare and makeup routine

morning routine

Whether you have a go-to skincare brand or prefer a more DIY routine, keep your go-to products organized in easy-access containers. One great time-saving hack is to purchase empty travel-size pump or spray bottles and fill them with beauty staples you like to keep on hand, like witch hazel or rose water. Making small tweaks like this one to your beauty routine can speed up your morning and keep things simple.

3. Start your day with positive affirmations

morning routine

Affirmations can be a game-changer for putting a pep in your step each morning. You may be surprised at how much your outlook changes simply by centering your mind and noting a few things you are grateful for each day. You can use a chalk or dry erase marker to write some words that inspire you on your mirror, or you can sprinkle post-it notes with positive daily reminders around your house — on doors, in drawers, or even inside of your fridge. Starting the day with a positive mindset is where greatness begins!

4. Pick your outfit the night before

Check the weather and choose your outfit — including jewelry, bag and shoes — for the next day before you go to bed. This practice not only minimizes the possibility of frantic wardrobe crises in the morning, but it forces you to think through what is on your agenda the next day. This ritual helps to center and calm your mind before bed.

5. Create your own power playlists

morning routine

Compile a few pump-up playlists and keep them on hand in your music library to pull you through the tough mornings. Listening to music releases dopamine and serotonin (two neurotransmitters that impact your happiness) in the brain. This, paired with music’s energizing effect, can improve your productivity, mood, and focus. Use a great playlist to help you make the best out of your morning routine or daily commute, and you’ll be ready for a productive day.

6. Prep your breakfast and coffee in advance

morning routine

Prep your coffee maker or teapot the night before (or get a programmable coffee maker so you can auto-schedule a brew start time for the next morning!). This allows you to get your morning beverage in hand with close to zero AM effort. It’s also great to have healthy breakfasts prepped ahead of time or easy to grab-and-go food, like no-bake protein balls, a piece of fruit, or overnight oats).

7. Keep water and vitamins next to your bed

morning routine

Hydration is essential to keeping your body nourished, your skin and hair healthy, and your mind balanced. Keep a reusable water bottle on your nightstand with any multivitamins or supplements you take daily. Sip water throughout your morning routine, then throw the bottle into your work bag to stay hydrated throughout the day!


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