Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Did anyone else at some point this week find themselves thinking, “Holy shit, it’s Mother’s Day this weekend”? I swear it was never this early in the month. I can’t decide if Amazon Prime is encouraging my eleventh hour shopping tendencies, or if I would be a Procrastination Station with or without the existence of Prime and it’s actually just saving my ass on the regular. Either way, I needed to find some Mother’s Day gift ideas stat.

Remember, even though your mom will probably tell you that all she wants for Mother’s Day is “the gift of your presence” or a phone call or whatever, that’s a lie and we all know it. Mom thinks you’re great and everything, but she probably also would APPRECIATE a gift because let’s be honest — nothing says “I love you” like laying down some cold hard cash on material goods. Besides, once Mother’s Day has passed, how else are you going to remind her on a daily basis that you are (and will always be) her favorite child?

This Mother’s Day, Like a Boss Girls has teamed up with Outgift to bring you a few fabulous gift recommendations that you can still snag and receive before the Mother’s Day deadline. Outgift is an intelligent gift recommendation service founded by Alice Kittrell, who quit her job in corporate America to build a smart gift-giving algorithm that is the secret sauce behind her site. Outgift offers a beautifully curated selection of road-tested products that meet Kittrell’s high standards for quality, aesthetics and practicality. Here are three of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas (or self-gift ideas…) on Outgift:

1. Farm Fresh Flowers from The Bouqs

mother's day gift ideas
The Bouqs


Does anyone else think that the old mass-market online flower delivery companies are THE WORST?! The last straw for me was a few years ago, in my final transaction with one such company that shall remain nameless because I watched Nobody Speak on Netflix last night and i’m still feeling a bit wary about these new-age libel laws, but hint — it rhymes with “Shmeleflora”.

That “mystery company” sent my dad a $60 dead plant for Father’s Day. And it wasn’t just a wee bit wilted. It was so dead that it actually looked like something you would send to someone you hated as a gag gift. I realize that delivering anything live or perishable is kind of a dicey business, but this plant inexplicably looked like had been baking in the desert sun for a week.

Fortunately, I recovered from my first-world crisis by doing the terribly exhausting labor of Googling “alternative floral delivery companies”, and one second later, approximately two billion curated listicles of other options popped up in front of my face.

The Bouqs is one such alternative floral delivery company that has revolutionized the online floral delivery market by relying on the uber-trendy cutting-out-the-middleman business model a la Warby Parker. They get their floral supply directly from farmers and emphasize full transparency and responsibility in their business model.

Takeaway? At least if your Bouqs flowers arrive dead, at least this time you’ll know they aren’t arriving dead AND covered in children’s tears. #glasshalffull (I’m looking at you, Shmeleflora.) 

The Bouqs’ bouquets are approximately 20 times more beautiful than anything you can get from a mass-market floral delivery site. I’m serious — The Bouqs sells the most freakishly gorgeous and unique bouquets. (Go to their website. I swear you’ll want to eat them…it’s weird.) Miraculously, their prices are on par with any other online floral site. So WHAT are you waiting for, savvy shopper?!

Order on, prices start at $36

2. Minted Custom Gold Foiled Map Print

mother's day gift ideas
Alex Elko Design & Minted

There are always those people who are notoriously difficult to shop for and yet we inexplicably keep them in our lives despite all of the pain and anguish they cause us on every gift-gifting occasion. For those people, my theory is that getting them something personalized or customized is usually a safe bet. Why? Because in the end, humans are all egomaniacal creatures, and the sooner you accept that as a universal truth, the better you will become at dealing with other people. #gratuitouslifetip

A custom gold foil printed city map is a pretty awesome and personal-feeling gift that will make any mother-in-law feel special. Plus, it is a proven fact* that 95% of women whom algorithms have identified as “basic” want more metallic accent pieces in their home, so file this one under “safe bet”. And if mom-or-other-recipient doesn’t like it, that person will still probably feel obligated to hang it in the guest bathroom, which is something you probably resent your mom for having anyway because only financially stable people have a guest bathroom and you are ten years out of college with another $100K of student debt to pay off.

You choose the map you want from a smorgasborg of worldwide cities and vacation destinations so you can start dropping hints about that beach house you want to be squatting at this summer. You also choose the size and the frame. Best of all, you will be supporting a small and fabulous business, Alex Elko Designs.

Can you get this by Mother’s Day? Probably not. But you know what they say, better belated than never. Or buy it for another gifting occasion. Or yourself. I’m not picky.

*not an actual fact

Buy it on, prices start at $40

3. Winc Wine Club Membership

mother's day gift ideas
Winc Wine Club

Allow me to introduce the crown jewel of Mother’s Day gift ideas — a wine club membership.

Personally, I am a huge fan of subscription services and memberships as gifts, because it is the gift that literally keeps on giving (and yes, despite being a millennial, I am actually using that word correctly in this instance…I think…). If there is anyone on earth who wouldn’t appreciate a wine subscription as a gift, I don’t know who they are or why they hate fun but they should feel free to transfer that wine subscription over to me. DONE.

Winc is a direct-to-consumer winery that shuttles a magic box of four bottles of wine to your house every month with free delivery, plus they throw in recipe pairing suggestions and the story behind each bottle. Winc Wine Club members can select their own wine, or let the experts at Winc choose (they will reference the wine preferences you indicate on the site). You can skip or cancel your membership at any time, and prices start at just $13 per bottle.

Best of all, this is an awesome last-minute gift because signing someone up for a subscription only takes about three minutes and you won’t need to have an actual gift in hand by Sunday.

Order on, prices start at $39

The next time you need Mother’s Day gift ideas — or any gift ideas — make sure that you head over to Outgift and they will do the hard lifting for you. Also, if you take one thing away from this article, please remember that ordering gifts before the final rush delivery deadline is for sissies.


This post was brought to you by a partnership between Like a Boss Girls and Outgift.

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