Five Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself


You’re a girl on the go. When juggling all kinds of commitments, it’s easy to lose sight of self care. Here’s how to handle stress and being the most productive you:

Eat Breakfast: Yes, it really is the most important meal of the day! Plus, the American Dietetic Association says breakfast eaters “concentrate better, solve problems more easily, and have better muscle coordination.”

Drink Up: Drinking plenty of water keeps your brain sharp and alert (in contrast to the fuzzy brain you can get from stress) and helps keep your digestive process going smoothly (countering another negative side-effect of stress). See more nutrition tips here.

Check-in With Yourself: Take 1-5 minutes out of your day to get comfortable, close your eyes, and do a quick body scan. Your body is often first to know if something is going on that you should pay attention to. For example, if you realize you’ve got nervous knots in your stomach, you might want to reflect and see if there’s any reasons why you may be anxious. Get more tips for body care here.

Plan a Pick-Me-Up: What kinds of things give you an instant recharge in your world? Make a list of at least five that work for you. Make time to check off at least one (but hopefully more!) of the items on your recharge list every single day. If a certain song resets your mood, find time to listen. If a walk with a friend is all you need, schedule it in! Get more ideas for creating balance in your life here.

Turn Off Texting: Fewer than 10 percent of teens get the nine hours of sleep they need each night. And your phone may be partly to blame. According to a study, teens are plugged-in well into the night, sending an average of 34 texts after bedtime – and a whopping 3,400 texts per month during nighttime hours. Try powering down long before you go to bed and see if that leads to better shut-eye.