2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Featuring Products Created By Women


Welcome to Like A Boss Girls’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Below, you’ll find exclusive discount codes on on gift-ready products from over 75 small businesses founded by women!! Join us in putting your holiday shopping dollars toward a good cause.

There are so many benefits to putting your holiday shopping dollars behind woman-founded small businesses. You’re not only empowering women by helping female entrepreneurs succeed, but many of the companies featured in our guide also give back to a variety of incredible causes that are improving the lives of women around the world.🌎

Don’t miss this opportunity to shop, save, AND make a positive impact!

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Category: Apparel, Subscriptions + Services


holiday gift guide
ALTRD Tailoring

Founders: Saara Hafeez and Stephanie Estey

Company Description:

ALTRD connects professionals who need alterations with immigrant and refugee women who are skilled at sewing.

What inspired you to start your company?

Cofounders Saara Hafeez and Stephanie Estey noticed that they both had unworn clothes piling up in their closets in need of alterations. 

The duo created ALTRD to bring work to women who are skilled at sewing, but could not work outside of the home due to childcare expenses or cultural restrictions. ALTRD makes clothing alterations as easy as possible. ALTRD’s website enables customers to prep their garment for alterations before shipping it to one of ALTRD’s tailors, nicknamed “SewExperts”. After the alterations are finished, the item is sent back to the customer.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Women who have joined the ALTRD team [as SewExperts] have been able to add an entirely new dimension to their lives. They are able to meaningfully contribute to household income and have new challenges to work on every day.

“ALTRD focuses on depth of impact. Through our work, SewExperts can earn $20-$24/hour. With the average work hours requested, ALTRD can increase the average household income by up to 49%.

“Right now, we work with 25 SewExperts but, with more orders, we can work with hundreds of women in-need in a few years.”

Featured Product: Pants Alterations, $14.99 – 34.99

Product Description: This is an incredible gift for someone you love who has a closet full of fabulous pieces of clothing that aren’t being worn because of needing repairs or alterations. Giving them the gift of this convenient, door-to-door tailoring service is like providing your loved one with a closet clean-out AND a new wardrobe! Plus, your gift will economically empower women in need by enabling them to perform skilled labor from home.

Special Offer: Use promo code “LABG10” to get 10% off your order

Website: https://altrd.io/

Category: Books

Always Anjali by Sheetal Sheth

holiday gift guide

Author:  Sheetal Sheth

Book Description: Always Anjali is a book that encourages young readers to recognize that being unique is their superpower! In the story, Anjali and her friends are excited to get matching personalized license plates for their bikes — but Anjali can’t find her name. She gets bullied for being different and has to discover her inner strength. Always Anjali is a timeless story about celebrating diversity and appreciating what makes us special.

What inspired you to start your company?

“Representation! Black, latino and native authors combined wrote only 7 percent of the new children’s books published in 2017. That’s terrible! It’s absolutely horrendous. So I thought, let me take a crack at it.”

How is your company generating positive change?

When kids see themselves at the center of stories, as heroes of their own lives, it can change their life.

Featured Product: Always Anjali, $19.95

Special Offer: Use promo code BOSSGIRLS for 10% off your entire order

Website: https://www.sheetalsheth.com/

Category: Apparel

A. Lynn Designs

holiday gift guide
A. Lynn BF Tee

Founder: Andrea Seemayer

Company Description: With apparel that finds the sweet spot between fashion and fit, A. Lynn has created the base layer you’ll live in. A. Lynn is a cutting-edge apparel brand that bridges the gap between size and height, with simple silhouettes that can be styled into any situation and worn everyday.

What inspired you to start your company?

“After working in the fashion industry more than a decade as a product director for high-end brands such as Zac Posen and Alice and Olivia, I found a prominent pain point in the fit limitation of size-to-length proportions and a lack of options for high-quality basic silhouettes. I want women of all sizes and shapes to find their new-age uniform that feels good every damn day.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Aside from creating clothes that feel amazing, we only use sustainable fibers in our fabric (from Beechwood trees, Eucalyptus trees, and Cotton plants). Our fibers use Edelweiss-technology based on oxygen-based chemistry, which is more eco-friendly than the conventional ways. Thus, the fibers are the only ones to satisfy the highest environmental standards and are even CO2-neutral.”

Featured Product: BF Tee, Light Jersey, $63.00

Product Description: The BF Tee is light-weight, super-soft and drapey – giving you all the feels of wearing a “His Tee” and 100% comfort. Bring the “model-off-duty” vibe home with you. It’s the next best thing to being naked. SIZES: You choose size XS-XL and you choose length Short/Regular/Long. COLORS: White or Black. SHIPPING: Average shipping (2-5 business days): $6.95

Special Offer: Use the promo code LABG30 to get 30% off

Website: https://alynndesigns.com

Category: Apparel

And We Evolve

holiday gift guide
And We Evolve AWE Subscription Box

Founders: Liz Funk (CEO)

Company Description: And We Evolve is a style club and recommerce fashion subscription box service for secondhand clothing in like-new condition.

What inspired you to start your company?

CEO Liz Funk was an avid shopper of the secondhand market for economical, sustainable, and practical reasons. She wanted to encourage more women to embrace secondhand clothing, but she understood that many people had no interest in rummaging through thrift stores or shopping from online secondhand clothing stores.

Customers can sign up to receive six new pieces each month, a quarterly box, or a one-time box. Clothing from the box can be swapped between AWE box subscribers on the website.

How is your company generating positive change?

And We Evolve was born out of the simple idea that the world doesn’t need another $7 dress. Swapping clothes provides a better option than donating them (where clothes frequently ends up in landfills) and it works toward building a sustainable fashion culture.

Featured Product: The AWE Box, $99

Product Description:

The one-time AWE box gift is a voucher that includes information for the recipient on how to complete her style survey on what she’d like to receive in her AWE Box. After the recipient submits her style survey, And We Evolve will ship her a box of six items within one week.

Special Offer: Get $20 off your first AWE Box with code LIKEABOSSGIRLS

Website: http://www.andweevolve.com

Category: Sexual Health



Founder: Sasza Lohrey

Company Description:

BBXX is a digital platform for intimacy and wellbeing that provides people with educational and explorational tools related to sexuality, intimacy, and communication.

What inspired you to start your company?

Founder Sasza Lohrey launched BBXX to change our cultural attitude toward sex, intimacy, respect, and relationships. Like many people, Lohrey regards her personal relationships as the most important aspect of her life. This is why she saw a need for better resources to help herself and others build positive and meaningful relationships.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Our close relationships account for 70% of our happiness and 90% of our wellness. We are, first and foremost, helping people better connect with and understand themselves — the most important part of the equation. With that, people can then better understand and connect with others, and therefore, [they can] live more fulfilling relationships — and a more fulfilling life as a result.”

Featured Product: Couple’s Intimacy Online Course, free 5-week trial, then $69

Product Description: First five weeks are FREE; then participants have the option to pay for the second five weeks if they wish to continue. The price for the second five weeks is $69 (less than the cost of just ONE couple’s therapy session and delivers way more value!)

Special Offer: Enter promo code LIKEABOSS for 15% off

Website: https://bbxx.world/

Category: Jewelry/Accessories, Gifts That Give Back

Bird + Stone

holiday gift guide
Bird + Stone “The Future is Female” Bracelet

Founder: Elana Reinholtz

Company Description: Bird + Stone is a jewelry company that donates 10% of every purchase to causes like women’s health, girls’ education, civic engagement, and more!

What inspired you to start your company?

Founder Elana Reinholtz started Bird + Stone in 2013 as a way to fundraise for her trip to Kenya, where she was planning to teach business to widowed entrepreneurs. Reinholtz wanted to harness the purchasing power of consumers who were buying fashion jewelry and use that revenue to support women and girls around the world.

How is your company generating positive change?

Ten percent of every Bird + Stone jewelry purchase is given to their nonprofit partners toward causes including women’s health, girls’ education, women in politics, climate justice, and civic engagement.

Featured Product: The Future is Female Cuff, $35

Product Description: The Future is Female cuff is an exclusive partnership with Planned Parenthood of NYC. Adjustable one-size-fits-all gold-plated or silver plated cuff includes a personalized postcard explaining the impact of your purchase. Can be customized with a gift message. Made in NYC. $3.95 for regular shipping or get free shipping with orders over $75!

Special Offer: Enter promo code LABG20 for 20% off

Website: https://birdandstone.com/

Category: Apparel

Bondi Alchemist

the Bondi Alchemist one piece swimsuit
the Bondi Alchemist

Founder: Jarra Campbell

Company Description: Women’s sustainable surf and active wear

What inspired you to start your company?

“I saw a need for technical swimsuits that stay on in the water and are also sustainable/ethically made. I was learning to surf & couldn’t find what I needed.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Empowering women to look great, embrace their beauty, feel secure with consideration for our earth.”

Featured Product: One Piece Swimsuit, $179

Product Description: The One-Piece Swimsuit is Bondi Alchemist’s signature piece. It flatters all body shapes from XXS – XL, stays on in the water & allows you to flow freely in the waves. This swimsuit is handmade ethically in Bali from recycled polyamide and elastane.

Special Offer: Use promo code LABG, or go to this link, for 10% off

Website: https://thebondialchemist.com

Category: Mindful Living

Branch Basics

holiday gift guide
Branch Basics Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost

Founder: Marilee Nelson, Allison Evans, Kelly Love

Company Description:

Branch Basics was founded by three women who experienced life-changing health transformations after removing harmful toxins from their food and environment. Branch Basics makes cleaning safe, simple, affordable and sustainable, with a fragrance-free, multipurpose/single-formula concentrate that can be diluted with different amounts of water to replace ALL of your cleaning needs — from doing laundry, to washing your hands, to cleaning bathroom surfaces. The concentrate is plant-and-mineral-based, free of harmful preservatives, biodegradable, not tested on animals and non-GMO.

How is your company generating positive change?

“We believe that removing toxins from the home environment is the missing link in so many health efforts. Our mission is to educate and inspire others to create a healthy home and transform their health.”

Featured Product: Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost, $69

Product Description: Includes one 32 oz Concentrate, three empty spray bottles, one Foaming Wash bottle, one Laundry bottle and one Oxygen Boost for all your cleaning needs!

Special Offer: Use code “LIKEABOSS15” for 15% off of all Starter Kits + free shipping until 12/31/18!

Website: http://www.branchbasics.com/

Category: Food & Drink

Caffè Unimatic

holiday gift guide
Caffè Unimatic San Pietro Brunetta Coffee

Founder: Elisabeth Cardiello (don’t miss our conversation with her on episode 10 of our podcast, Mind of a Mentor!)

Company Description:

Caffè Unimatic is a woman-owned coffee company with a family legacy. They offer “The Unimatic”, the last original drip-percolator coffee pots in the world, as well as a line of sustainable coffee.

What inspired you to start your company?

“After losing my Dad, I had to figure out life for my Mom and myself…I was cleaning out my Dad’s office space in Brooklyn when I happened upon […] an entire warehouse filled with the last models of a coffee pot that my Dad helped to create in the late 1950s and had never licensed.

“I knew in that moment that this was a starting point for me; an opportunity to have a business ‘with’ my Dad like we’d always talked about and a place for me to really start creating and doing things on my own.”

How is your company generating positive change?

Caffè Unimatic empowers youth through their Unimatic University Ambassador Program, a program that teaches communication skills to kids by combining the principles of psychology, brain science and leadership development.

Caffè Unimatic also runs Legacy Out Loud, a program designed to close the confidence gap in young women.

Featured Product: San Pietro Brunetta Coffee, $15.99

Product Description: Inspired by a certain kind of Brunetta (n., female – “brunette”) and named after the town our family is from, San Pietro, Brunetta has a rich, nutty flavor with a silky finish. For more about the individual flavor archetypes, check out this blog postTasting notes: dark chocolate, hazelnut, spices. Roast: medium, smooth. Size: 12 oz. / 340 g

Special Offer: Enter promo code LIKEABOSS to get 15% off, or use this link

Website: http://www.caffeunimatic.com

Category: Accessories/Gifts That Give Back

The Crescendo Group

The Crescendo Group
The Crescendo Group

Founder: Amy Chase

Company Description: The Crescendo Group is a social enterprise that works with women survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to increase economic empowerment by developing a marketplace of handmade items for socially conscious consumers and retailers.

What inspired you to start your company?

“After more than 8 years of working in human rights and international development, particularly in unstable and post-conflict countries, I wanted to find more impactful solutions to help women survivors of rape, sex trafficking, armed conflicts, and other forms of trauma. All the women I met and worked with over the years have inspired me to continue with my work, even at times when I’ve faced personal threats.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“The women are not only earning a living and contributing to their households and communities; they are also gaining skills in product development, customer service, and project management.”

Featured Product: Crescendo Tote Bag, $10.50 each (+$7.20 flat rate shipping)

Product Description: These are handy tote bags made with cotton linen. Very light and durable, and most importantly—very portable. The bag’s dimensions are 15.5” length x 13.5’ width with a drop length (handle to bottom of bag) of 29”.

Special Offer: Use code LABG2018 for free shipping on domestic orders over $50.00

Website: http://www.thecrescendogroupllc.com

Category: Home & Lifestyle

Dance Happy Designs

Founder(s): Julia & Liv & Emily (don’t miss our full interview with Cofounder Emily Scott, here!)

Company Description: Screen printed products with original, hand-cut patterns.

What inspired you to start your company?

“There are three of us who founded Dance Happy: Julia, Liv, and myself (Emily). We had been close friends for many years, but we started Dance Happy together about two years ago when Julia was aging out of the school system at age 21 and she needed to figure out what she could do full-time.

“A traditional work environment would not have been a good fit for her, so we decided to try screen printing (Liv’s background) because Julia has a very creative side. Julia loved creating her own hand cut patterns and screen printing the fabric so much that we decided to make a go of it and we’ve been doing it ever since!”

holiday gift guide
Dance Happy Designs Scattered Diamond Tote

How is your company generating positive change?

We’re on a mission to empower people who would normally be overlooked or assumed as being incapable of doing certain things based off one aspect of who they are. One of our co-founders, Julia, has Down Syndrome (she’s also our co-printer and lead pattern designer– she actually cuts each of our patterns by hand!) and she is forging her own path by creating a meaningful career for herself. Dance Happy is all about proving what is possible when someone decides to break outside of the box they’ve been put in by other people.

Featured Product:  Dance Happy Designs Scattered Diamond Screen Printed Tote Bag, $50

Product Description: Flat-bottom tote bag made of natural-colored cotton canvas. Features a hand-cut & screen printed scattered black diamond pattern. Army green handles/straps. Measures ~20 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall (not including handle).
8 inch gusset along the bottom. All work is done by hand. Pattern designed by Julia and tote bag printed by either Julia or Liv and sewn by Emily.

Special Offer: Get free shipping on any size online order through December 17, 2018 with promo code BOSSGIRLS.

Website: http://www.dancehappydesigns.com/


Category: Apparel

Fierce + Regal

holiday gift guide
Fierce + Regal

Founder(s): Margi Gad

Company Description: Fierce+Regal is a performance wear line made by women for women. It combines style and simplicity with innovative, logo-free designs and luxe fabrics that seamlessly transition from workouts to many other facets of daily life.

What inspired you to start your company?

Founder Margi Gad is a fitness devotee for more than 30 years, and she constantly found herself in pursuit of activewear options that looked polished before, during, and after a workout. This inspired her to create Fierce+Regal, a line of apparel that fuses high-performance fabrics and ready-to-wear styles in order to meet the demands of the multitasking woman’s life.

How is your company generating positive change?

“We empower women to look and feel their best. This holiday season, we are giving a percentage of sales back from one of our collections to The Pink Agenda [a not-for-profit organization that funds breast cancer research, care and education] to help women in need.”

Featured Product: The Tank, $125

Product Description: The Tank offers a high halter neckline and racer back allowing for maximum movement with a high-low bonded hem to slim the waist. Compressive and unpadded built-in bra offers support and coverage for low to high workouts. Fabric imported from Italy. Moisture wicking / Quick dry/ Pill resistant / Machine washable. Available Sizes: Women’s 2/4/6/8/10.

Available Colors: Black / Midnight / Metallic Taupe / Platinum

Special Offer: Get 15% off your order with promo code LIKEABOSSISFIERCE

Website: https://www.fierceandregal.com

Category: Fitness


holiday gift guide
Forte Subscription – Stream Boutique Fitness Classes

Founder: Lauren Foundos

Company Description:

FORTË streams live and on-demand boutique fitness classes (from running, barre, yoga, pilates, boxing, spinning, HIIT, and more) from the hottest studios worldwide so you can hop in these classes anytime, anywhere.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was inspired to start my company to empower boutique fitness studios to reach far beyond the confines of their four studio walls by leveraging technology (that I set out to build).”

How is your company generating positive change?

“My company is helping to improve the health of individuals around the world by giving them access to the most cutting-edge boutique fitness classes from coast-to-coast for a fraction of the price and at their convenience. We are making working out fun, easy, and accessible via streaming.”

Featured Product: FORTË Annual Subscription, Reg. $288, SPECIAL: $79

Special Offer: Enter promo code LIKEABOSS for $20/off the annual subscription price. You can also click here to access an exclusive offer that will bring the cost of an annual plan down to only $79!

Category: Books & Stationery

Girl CEO

holiday gift guide
“Girl CEO” by Ronnie Cohen & Katherine Ellison

Written by Katherine Ellison and Ronnie Cohen, Illustrated by Georgia Rucker, Foreword by Tory Burch, Published by Downtown Bookworks.

Description: Girl CEO is a new book that makes the perfect gift for girls, young entrepreneurs, and trailblazing tweens and teens. Girl CEO profiles the journeys of 40 extraordinary women entrepreneurs — from Oprah to Sheryl Sandberg, and Tavi Gevinson to Diane von Furstenberg.

Each woman’s mini-biography is full of valuable insight and inspiration for aspiring leaders, providing a window into the challenges conquered by girls and women who are successful today. Their stories include many lessons on life and leadership, including information on how to: identify a lucrative niche, build and maintain a brand, grow a loyal customer base, raise money for research and development, turn an interest (or a passion) into a career, and build a strong network.

Girl CEO is where successful women leaders from media, technology, fashion, food, and more share their secrets with tomorrow’s leaders. 

Featured Product: Girl CEO, Reg. $12.99, now $9.09

Special Offer: Get Girl CEO for 30% off (only $9.09) on Amazon — no promo code required!

Category: Gifts That Give Back

Global Girl Life

woman holding the Global Girl Life's culture box subscription.
The Global Girl Life’s culture box subscription.

Founder: Shannon Rizzo

Company Description:

Global Girl Life is a line of high-quality, handmade treasures created by women artisans all over the world. Products are delivered to you monthly while you are out conquering the rest of the world! A different country is featured every month, and each item is hand-selected. You can find the story of the artisan who made your gifts inside.

You’ll also get gift cards and gift bags as well, so purchase the box for yourself, keep the items you love, and share the rest! We promote re-gifting the right way.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I started my company to pull women out of poverty and help them build confidence by using the skill sets they already have. The global buyers on the other end of the community get a wider global perspective by learning about the people who created their products and the places they come from. It creates a beautiful connection, and fosters learning and creativity.”

Featured Product: Culture Box Subscription, $49 month / value of over $80-$100 per month

Special Offer: Use code LIKEABOSSGGL at checkout for 20% off + free shipping on purchases over $75, including sale items. May include a free gift with purchase while supplies last.

Website: https://globalgirl.life/

Category: Beauty

Goldfaden MD Skincare

Goldfaden skincare products
Goldfaden MD Skincare

Led by: Lisa Goldfaden, Vice President of Marketing, and Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden, Vice President of Sales (don’t miss our full interview with the Goldfaden sisters!)

Company Description: Goldfaden MD is the first dermatologist-developed, naturally-inspired skincare brand.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies with active plant cells and antioxidant-rich botanicals, all products are made in the U.S. with organic and natural ingredients that are free of parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, artificial colors, fragrances and gluten. They are also dermatologist tested, 100 percent vegetarian, hypoallergenic and free of animal testing.”

Featured Product: The GLOW KIT, $98.00

Product Description: Goldfaden MD’s GLOW KIT contains a trio of Dr. Goldfaden’s supercharged multi-tasking products that were created to deliver the “Goldfaden Glow”. This kit features Dr. Goldfaden’s Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel, Skin Balancing Mask Botanical Rich Refining Treatment and Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate.

Special Offer: 25% discount at https://goldfadenmd.com/discount/LABG (active through Dec. 21)

Website: https://goldfadenmd.com/

Category: Beauty/Mindful Living

Gotham Wellness

Gotham Wellness Aculectrics Treatment
Gotham Wellness Aculectrics Treatment

Founder: Stefanie DiLibero

What inspired you to start your business?

“Experiencing the life-altering power of acupuncture, and wanted to give that power to others.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Helping people feel and look their best so they have the internal strength to create positive change in the world.”

Featured Product: Aculectrics Treatment, $390.00 (in SoHo, NYC)

Product Description: Aculectrics is a 2 hour cosmetic acupuncture treatment which includes a Chinese medical intake, body acupuncture, micro-current, facial acupuncture, LED, guided meditation, and cupping or gua sha as needed. It helps resolve all the stress and discomfort of the holiday season while helping you look your best for all the parties and events!

Special Offer: Mention Like a Boss Girls when scheduling your appointment or purchasing your gift card, and receive 10% off until 12/31/18

Website: http://www.gothamwellness.com

Category: Home Decor


Griotitude "Palm Wine" Print
Griotitude “Palm Wine” Print

Founder: Sotonye Odugbemi

Company Description: Griotitude is a family run business that creates home decor items designed by the matriarch of the family. Prints, wall mounts, and framed images populate the collection, and all designs are inspired by Sotonye’s Nigerian heritage.

What inspired you to start your company?

“My daughter was admitted to the hospital because she was struggling to breathe. Freaking out on the inside, I was desperate for a distraction. With no prior design experience, I started to create colors and patterns inspired by the cloth and culture of my childhood in Nigeria using an app I found on my phone. I noticed that the process and outcome was soothing. By the time we were discharged, I was left with a portfolio of vibrant interpretations of the vintage fabrics I had seen on my mum, grandmas and aunties.

“As I shared my designs with my friends and families I noticed a theme of people commenting on how my designs made them feel, with many suggesting that I share my designs with others by selling them. So this is me, stepping my toes in the proverbial pool to see if I can share my designs with the world.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“My designs were a source of calm during a very difficult time and my hope is that as people put my designs up on the walls of their homes, it brings them as much (if not more) peace, joy and happiness as it did for me.”

Featured Product: “Palm Wine,” £20

Product Description: “The product is a choice of my designs available as A4 prints (£20), A3 wall mounts (£25) or A3 framed (£50). Shipping for the prints are £2.99 and £6.50 for the framed designs.”

Special Offer: Use code GLABG for 10% off!

Website: https://www.griotitude.com/shop

Category: Stationary/Home Goods

Handmade Happy Mail

Handmade Happy Mail
Handmade Happy Mail

Founder: Deena Hopkins

Company Description: Handmade Happy Mail is a subscription box catered to those who want to send their loved ones a hug made of paper. With a subscription to  Handmade Happy, you get handmade greeting cards sent right to your door every month for a variety of occasions! Nothing says “I Miss You” or “Happy Birthday” with sophistication, grace, and sentimental charm quite like cards crafted by hands, not by machines.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I grew up believing I was never good enough. Anything I did could have been done better. I wish I had someone to give me those small notes and pushes of encouragement. When I started making cards, I wanted to be that push for others. So now I help my customers send those notes of happiness, encouragement, and love to their family and friends all year long.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Our society  teaches that we always need more, bigger, better. From television shows and commercials, to holidays like Black Friday – it all sends the message that what we have is never enough. My company helps you send small notes of love and encouragement that say what you do, what you achieve, just WHO YOU ARE is enough.”

Featured Product: Subscription/Voucher, $24.99

Product Description: A monthly subscription includes free shipping, stamps, and a set of five exquisitely designed cards:

  • One holiday card
  • Two sentiment cards (i.e. Thank You or Congratulations)
  • Two birthday cards

Special Offer: Use Code BOSSGIRLS to get 20% off a 3 month subscription

Website: http://handmadehappymail.com/

Category: Apparel + Gifts That Give Back

Healing Heels

The Side Kick sneaker from Healing Heels
The Side Kick sneaker from Healing Heels

Founders: Lauren Wakefield & Sidne Hirsch

Company Description: A line of kick ass shoes that give back to cancer patients.

What inspired you to start your company?

“A little over six years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. On my first day of chemo, my best friend and co-founder, Sidne, gave me a pair of 5-inch, glittery, bright blue, spike-covered heels. From that moment on, those shoes became my ‘chemo shoes’ because in those shoes, I knew I was going to kick cancer’s ass, which is exactly what I did!

“A few years later, Sidne and I knew those shoes had a bigger story to tell, so we started Healing Heels. A line of fierce, edgy shoes where every purchase helps gift a pair to a woman fighting cancer.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Every product we sell helps us gift a pair of Healing Heels to a women in cancer treatment. We organize what we call ‘Gifting Days’ where we invite women who are actively in treatment or newly in remission to be a part of a day that is all about them! They get made over, styled, photographed and gifted a pair of Healing Heels! They are truly magical days.”

Featured Product: “Side Kick” Sneaker, $58

Product Description: “Our ‘Side Kick’ sneaker is meant to wear in support of cancer fighters everywhere. The perfect ‘wear anywhere’ shoe that adds just the right amount of sparkle to your day. Available in black glitter, rose gold glitter and ice blue (silver) glitter. Full sizes fit true to size.  Half sizes run quite small. If ordering a half size we recommend going up to the next full size.”

Special Offer: Use code BOSSGIRL at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

Website: http://www.healing-heels.com

Category: Accessories + Gifts That Give Back

HERO Backpacks

Founder Alissa Lentz with a HERO limited edition backpack.
Founder Alissa Lentz with a HERO limited edition backpack.

Founder: Alissa Lentz

Company Description: Moved by the divisive rhetoric on the rise in 2016, Founder Alissa Lentz created HERO as a way to share positive and empowering stories while promoting equality and tolerance.

Each HERO backpack shares the story of a heroic woman, person of color, and/or immigrant who changed the world. Because equality starts with education, proceeds from each backpack purchase go toward paying tuition for a girl who will be the first in her family to graduate.

What inspired you to start your company?

“As a Russian immigrant, I was bullied for not speaking English properly. I was too young to understand that I faced a language barrier, but old enough to realize there was a problem. So when I grew up, I launched HERO Backpacks to remind the world: what makes you different, makes you super.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We partnered with nonprofit She’s the First, who works with girls across 11 low-income countries to give them an education.”

Featured Product: HERO backpack (any design), $75.00

Product Description: With military-strength, water-resistant fabric, reflective details, dual-side water bottle pockets and an ergonomic fit, this pack is fit for a heroic adventure. HERO’s solid colors are great for day-to-day use, and the bold prints are the perfect music festival pack or standout gym bag. Size: 13″ height x 11.5″ width x 5″ depth. Fits an 11″ laptop or iPad.

Special Offer: Use code BossTribe for free shipping on your order.

Website: https://www.herobackpacks.com

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Iron Strong Jewelry

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Iron Strong Jewelry “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Necklace

Founder: Tina Tang (don’t miss our full interview with Tina, here.)

Company Description: Iron Strong Jewelry is a jewelry and apparel company that creates products to help women feel strong, empowered, and beautiful.

What inspired you to start your company?

“Iron Strong is an evolved labor of love. A change of careers, a finding of one’s path, becoming iron strong in body and spirit…that is what my jewelry is about. I was a jewelry designer for many years — 15 to be exact. At one point, I owned three boutiques in New York City where I exclusively sold my designs. My inner fire was doused by the 2008 economic downturn that heavily affected my business for the years following. I shut the doors of my flagship and first store, Tina Tang Studio, in 2010. I stopped everything by 2012.

“I felt like I failed. Even when friends tried to point out that I successfully ran a business for nearly 15 years, I felt like the end result (a closed business) was my final report card grade. In 2012, I started learning about personal training, since I have always had fitness entwined in my daily life. Suddenly and unplanned, I became a personal trainer at Equinox on 19th Street in New York City. I learned more about exercise, the body, and different methods to create strength. Tina got her Tang back. Every product I design serves to boost confidence and remind the wearer of her superpowers.”

Featured Product: “She Believed She Could, So She Did” necklace, $85.00

Product Description: “She Believed She Could, So She Did” necklace is made of solid sterling silver from chain to pendant. It’s also handcrafted in New York City. It’s message is to remind the wearer of her own power.

Itty bitty details: The pendant is .75″ in diameter (19mm) and the chain comes in a 16″ satellite chain. The back of pendant is blank and available for a optional personalized engraving.

Special Offer: Use Code ENGRAVEME Code provides free engraving, which is normally $35

Website: http://IronStrongJewelry.com

Category: Apparel 

Kitty and Vibe 

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Kitty & Vibe

Founder: Cameron Armstrong

Company Description:  Kitty and Vibe takes the frustration and anxiety out of swimsuit shopping with a revolutionary sizing metric and at-home try-on system that all but guarantees an enjoyable experience! With a variety of styles and patterns to choose from, you won’t have a problem finding a Kitty that fits your vibe.

What inspired you to start your company?

“My idea for Kitty was born in a fitting room, standing in a swimsuit two-sizes too small, feeling self-conscious and hating the agony of trying to find a swimsuit that made me feel confident. I noticed a contagious negative energy that would multiply when talking with my friends about the misery of shopping for a swimsuit and wearing one in public. I knew there was a solution to find a better fit and make a more enjoyable try-on experience, so I set out to create it — enter Kitty.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“The Kitty and Vibe community thrives on our mantra, ‘Kind Is My Vibe.’ Through this guiding mantra, we aim to cultivate a contagious spirit of kindness. Our consumers use ‘Kind Is My Vibe’ as a daily reminder to be kind to yourself, your body and others. Kitty impacts not only its customers, but also the people they come into contact with. For example, a Kitty customer wore her Kind Is My Vibe t-shirt out to grab coffee. The barista delivered her coffee with this message written on the coffee sleeve, ‘Thank you. Kind Is My Vibe Too.’

“To spread some ‘Kind Is My Vibe’ love around NYC, we pinned up posters where you could tear off a compliment. Within 24 hours, we received multiple DMs and #kindismyvibe posts from strangers celebrating all of the compliments that had been taken.”

Featured Product: Kind Is My Vibe Sweatshirt, $48

Product Description: The softest hoodie you’ll ever meet gives you all the feels inside and out. Available in peach or navy, unisex sizing S-XL.

Special Offer: Use Code LABG20 for 20% off

Website: https://www.kittyandvibe.com

Category: Jewelry + Accessories

La Femme Boheme

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La Femme Boheme Handmade Branch Bracelet

Founder(s): Vivian Malka

Company Description: Unique handmade jewelry 

What inspired you to start your company?

I started taking metalsmithing classes because I couldn’t find the jewelry I wanted to wear. Pretty soon, I was spending all of my time outside of work designing and making jewelry. It was very clear that this was my passion, so I my quit my job in finance to pursue it full-time.

How is your company generating positive change?

I’m occasionally contacted by new metalsmiths who say they were inspired by my story and decided to start their own jewelry business because of it. My plan for 2019 is to design jewelry collections around environmental issues in order to raise awareness and generate money for charitable organizations.

Featured Product: Handmade Branch Bracelet, $75 and up.

Product Description: This handmade branch bracelet is available in sterling silver, bronze and 14K gold-plated. It features fine details for a very natural look. It can be worn on the wrist or just below the elbow, alone or stacked with other bracelets (looks great in sets of 3!). The small measures 2-1/2″ in diameter and is ready-to-ship. The bracelet can also be resized within 1 week of purchase to fit a specific wrist size.

Special Offer: Use promo code LIKEABOSSGIRLS to get 20% off through December 20, 2018.

Website: http://www.lafemmebohemejewelry.com

Category: Subscriptions & Services

Lead With A Twist

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Lead With A Twist One-on-One Coaching by Dominique Mas

Founder(s): Dominique Mas (don’t miss our full interview with Dominique about her yoga-based coaching work, here!)

Company Description: Through her coaching service, Lead With A Twist, Dominique coaches high achievers, helping them to slow down, dig deep and reflect so they can perform at their highest level.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I spent 15 years in educational leadership in Europe, Asia and the US, coaching teachers and promoting the development of high achieving teachers and students. I realized that all my experiences were building towards starting my own private practice for coaching as well as creating and facilitating workshops.

“Working one-on-one with clients gives me an incredible opportunity to propel them towards the life they dream of. I cannot describe the feeling I get when someone tells me they are not the same person they were when we first started working together. It is a privilege to have such insight into others’ lives and it is a gift I am grateful for each day.

How is your company generating positive change?

“My clients are highly driven by the impact they already have on the world and want to increase it exponentially by doing what they love. My one-on-one work allows my clients to deeply reflect on where they are, where they want to be and [figure out] how to get there. Their personal growth unlocks a world of new possibilities for them, and this is what drives me!”

Featured Product: Gift card for a coaching session, $150 

Product Description: Sessions are arranged through a video call and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Special Offer: Get two 1-hour individual coaching sessions for $280 (no promo code needed).

Website: https://dominiquemas.com

Category: Books

Lifestyle Lawyer: The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love

Lifestyle Lawyer cover
Lifestyle Lawyer

Author: Lee Holcomb

Book Description: A timely and important book that challenges the way we think about the practice of law. The book lays out the recent disruption of the traditional legal industry while challenging attorneys to think about what it truly means to be a happy and successful lawyer. Technology could be the door opener that allows attorneys to change the legal landscape and create new, more fulfilling ways to practice law in the 21st century.

What inspired you to write your book?

“Just like many female attorneys, my traditional legal career was turned upside down when I was faced with juggling children and my husband’s career. When technology presented new options for attorneys seeking a more flexible work-life balance, I discovered a new legal career that matched my personal and career goals and allowed me to stay-in the practice of law. This experience combined with the recent disruption of the traditional legal industry inspired me to write this book to help educate female attorney’s on how they can change their mindset about their careers and what it means to be successful.”

Featured Product: Lifestyle Lawyer – The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love, $19.99 +$5.00 shipping

Product Description: 6″ x 9″ paperback book

Special Offer: Use Code BOSSGIRLS for 10% off!

Website: http://www.lifestyleforlawyers.com

Category: Accessories

Linjer Luxury Accessories

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Linjer “The Classic Watch”

Founder: Jennifer Chong

Company Description: Minimalist bags and watches without the luxury markup.

What inspired you to start your company?

“It started from a personal need! My boyfriend Roman (now my co-founder) was looking for a briefcase for work when he had a corporate job. He couldn’t find one that was made of great materials, was nicely designed, and didn’t cost $2,000+. We knew that luxury brands mark-up their products like crazy, and we thought to ourselves, ‘what if we used the same supply chain as luxury brands and sold directly to people on a website?’ This way we could remove the extra costs and sell our products for a fraction of the price of traditional luxury goods. The Soft Briefcase was our first product, and we were able to price it at $489 (it’s also been named “Best Leather Briefcase” by The Wirecutter!).”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Sustainability is a core value of our studio. Our mission is to make it easier for people to own high quality products that are made to last. In the fashion industry, it really does feel like we are too often choosing between fast fashion (which is not sustainable) and luxury (which is very expensive). We’re presenting another option: all the quality of luxury goods but at a fraction of the price.”

Featured Product: Linger’s Classic Watch (Women’s), Men’s version, $249 + free shipping

Product Description: Linjer’s Classic Watch is available for men and women. This logo-free watch comes in 3 case diameters (34mm, 38mm and 41mm) and many color options. Each watch has a Swiss movement, domed sapphire crystal and Italian vegetable-tanned leather straps designed with quick-release springbars. That means you can buy extra straps in other colors and switch them out without any tools. It’s like having multiple watches in one!

Website: http://www.linjer.co

Category: Sexual Health


Lioness vibrator

Founders: Liz Klinger and Anna Lee

Company Description: Lioness is the first and only vibrator that helps you improve your orgasms. Experiment, understand, and have better orgasms.

What inspired you to start your company?

Liz: “Honestly, Lioness initially grew out of my own needs. I had a lot of questions about sex growing up, but like many of us, I grew up in a family where we simply didn’t talk about sex. We weren’t super religious, we just didn’t talk about it—at least not beyond, “don’t get pregnant.” I also had various issues with my own reproductive health that were dismissed by the OB-GYNs as “normal.” As a teenager, I had an ovarian cyst the size of a kiwi that caused pain and irregular periods. I didn’t know it was a cyst at the time, but I knew it hurt a lot, so much so that I occasionally couldn’t get out of bed. Despite this, I couldn’t get doctors to take me seriously.

“That experience made me so angry because it felt like anything outside of pregnancy and STIs was unimportant to health providers. As I began to dig into this issue, I realized sexual pleasure was particularly diminished in this paradigm. Sex plays a huge role in most people’s lives, but there are few readily available places to turn if you have questions—especially if you are a woman.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Women and non-binary individuals are using Lioness to explore their own bodies and pleasure in ways that were never before possible. Depending on the person, people have used Lioness to learn about themselves, improve their pleasure, enhance play, create art, and heal.
“We’ve had people discover connections between their health and pleasure, pain and pleasure, and experiment with substances and pleasure. We’ve even had a pop star turn her orgasms into music using the data from her Lioness Vibrator. Just yesterday I got a touching email from someone who’s been using Lioness as part of her journey of overcoming her fraught relationship with her body and pleasure. The impact is enormous, and the crazy thing is that it’s only beginning.”

Featured Product: The Lioness Vibrator, $229

Product Description: Never measured, never improved. Literally see and get real data from your own arousal and orgasm to improve your sexual health. Best-in-class design refined by a women-led team over thousands of iterations and human tests. Highest grade materials, including phthalate-free, non-porous, medical grade silicone, stainless steel, precision and high-resolution sensors. Strongest & quietest motor of its size, custom-built with tungsten metal—discreet with high-density power.”

Special Offer: Use code LIKEABOSSGIRLS or LABG at checkout!

Website: https://www.lioness.io

Category: Accessories

Litty Bird, Inc

Litty Bird
Litty Bird

Founders: Sara Axelbaum

Company Description: Litty Bird is a line of handbags that are ergonomically comfortable and multifunctional to help women thrive.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I had a great deal of neck pain from standard bags and I didn’t want to sacrifice style nor functionality. I couldn’t find a bag that suited my needs, so I set out to make one myself after a happy accident gave me a great idea.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We support working moms, especially those who travel for business. By giving them comfort and an all-in-one bag solution, we are helping with physical pain and mental strain. We are also made in the USA by local sewers in NJ.”

Featured Product: The Whole Litty Bird System, $189.00

Product Description: “The Wide Wing Strap is ergonomically comfortable and distributes the weight of your bag across your body. The expandable Dinah Tote works just as well as a day bag as it does as a diaper bag and everything in between. The Bernie Bag is a thin sleeve that is ideal for a laptop or books.”

Special Offer: Use code LABGHOLIDAY for 10% off through 12/31/18

Website: https://www.littybird.com

Category: Apparel

Maia Moda

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Maia Moda “Maia” Top

Founder: Veronica Horner

Company Description: Maia Moda is a maternity and nursing clothing line that offers high-quality, stylish and functional clothes to meet the needs of motherhood.

What inspired you to start your company?

“The idea for Maia Moda came to me at a friend’s wedding. I had made every effort to find a dress that I thought would work for nursing; it even had a convenient zipper down the front! However, once my baby started to cry, I quickly realized it was too tight and I ended up in the bathroom, dress off, and missing the wedding speeches (my favorite part of the event!). A lot of moms have been there and there is no reason for it. I decided at this time I wanted to design beautiful and functional clothing for maternity, nursing and beyond.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Maia Moda is on a mission to normalize nursing and pumping and make it just a bit easier for moms to look and feel their best during this phase of their lives.”

Featured Product: Maia Top, $88

Product Description: The Maia top has discreet lift-up nursing access at the front and a built-in modesty cover, perfect for a new mom’s wardrobe. Relaxed fit with luxuriously soft, lightweight poly fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, is easy to care for and dries quickly. Available in black, navy and a versatile print. Sizes: S/M/L.

Special Offer: Use promo code MAIABOSSGIRLS30 for 30% off

Website: http://www.maiamoda.com

Category: Beauty

Makeup America

Makeup America's #19 "Independence Red Sister Set"
Makeup America’s #19 “Independence Red Sister Set”

Founder: Randa Fahmy

Company Description: Makeup America is an indie beauty brand that has been getting major visibility in places like Dancing With The Stars, Cosmopolitan, and on the U.S. Olympic Committee. All of Makeup America’s super moisturizing lipsticks and long-wearing nail polish are priced affordably at $17.76 and $13.76, and the entire line is cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, fragrance-free, suitable for all skin tones and types, and Made In America.

Makeup America is living out their motto, “Do Good Look Great”, by donating $1 of every product sold to pay down the $21 trillion U.S. National Debt — an issue that disproportionately impacts every generation of American women.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was driven by our country’s entrepreneurial spirit and my desire to unite and empower women. I decided to combine my passion for fashion and admiration for America to create Makeup America! There is a growing demand from women for premium, American-made cosmetics that meet our country’s high standards for quality, transparency, health and safety.”

Featured Product: Nail Polish/Lipstick Sister Sets, $29.76

Product Description: A set that includes a coordinating or complimentary nail polish and lipstick duo.

Special Offer: Use code LABG10 at checkout!

Website: https://www.makeupamerica.us/

Category: Jewelry/Accessories

Maria Shireen Hair Tie Bracelets

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Maria Shireen Bittersweet Flower Bracelet

Founder: Shireen Thor

Company Description: Maria Shireen’s Hair Tie Bracelet is a patented solution that allows anyone to wear a hair tie on their wrist while still looking chic and elegant. It’s a sleek slip-on bracelet with a channel that holds a hair tie elastic in place, alleviating the pressure from the elastic around the wrist while giving the everyday hair tie a bold makeover.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Maria Shireen has a collection called CHARITY TIES that is our social good initiative where $10 of each bracelet sold benefits a partner charity focused on women’s health.  We currently work with Bright Pink and 2020Mom that focuses on breast cancer detection and maternal mental health.”

Featured Product: Bittersweet Flower Bracelet, originally $45, now $27

Product Description: Best seller that is available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and 3 tones (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold).  Free shipping is available for orders over $50.

Special Offer: Use code LABG35 for 35% off your entire order, valid 12/1-12/31

Website: https://mariashireen.com/

Category: Apparel

MI OLA Swimwear

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MI OLA Selva Full X-Back Top

Founder: Helena Fogarty (don’t miss her full interview, here.)

Company Description: MI OLA makes sexy bikinis that stay on.

What inspired you to start your company?

95% of women have lost their suits while jumping into a pool or into the waves.  The other 5% don’t even go in the water. How silly is this? MI OLA makes chic, sexy, performance swimwear that stays put, and allows active women to have more fun without flashing their neighbor, kids, or mother-in-law.

I started MI OLA because I’m a surfer who has lost their suit way too many times in wipeouts.

How is your company generating positive change?

MI OLA Is making a difference and generating a positive change by solving a problem universal to every woman who’s worn a swimsuit… let’s make swimwear better so women can look great, feel great and have more fun.

We are also changing the way women are portrayed in swimsuit images. Our shoots are not retouched and show women doing cool stuff, not rolling around in the sand covered in oil for the male gaze.

Lastly, our suits are made ethically and locally, in the US.

Featured Product: Selva Full X-Back Top, $95

Product Description: The Selva Full X-Back Top was designed for fuller chests. It offers a little more coverage to keep your girls secure and supported but still keeps you looking like a siren as you crest that wave. Sizes: XS – XL (32C – 34G/36F)  $95 + free shipping included worldwide.

Special Offer: Use promo code LABG to get 25% off MI OLA swimwear through the end of March 2019.

Website: https://www.MI-OLA.com

Category: Beauty & Skincare

MJ’s Herbals Skincare

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MJ’s Herbals Calendula Salve

Founder(s): MJ Z Moscowitz

Company Description: Handcrafted, herb infused skincare balms

What inspired you to start your company?

“I wanted to help women by creating a simple, powerful, effective alternative to toxic skincare while being a force for good in the world.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are committed to using all reusable and recyclable packaging, recycled shipping materials, and non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients.”

Featured Product: MJ’s Herbals Calendula Salve, $12.99

Product Description: Calendula is an exceptionally effective remedy for inflamed skin, slow healing wounds, skin ulcers, & irritations. Although calendula is strong in action, it is gentle on the skin and ideal for baby skin care needs. Size: 1 oz.

Website: http://www.MJsHerbals.com

Category: Apparel

The Modern Mamanista

The Modern Mamanista
The Modern Mamanista

Founder: Sarah Gross

Company Description: The Modern Mamanista is a shop and blog which aims to make busy working moms of all shapes and sizes look and feel beautiful.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I’m a busy working mom who loves fashion, but wants something that’s realistic for my lifestyle. I want clothes that make me feel like the trendy, hip woman I was before I was hauling sports equipment and 3 kids around in my family-friendly SUV!”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We aim to help moms of all sizes feel beautiful in our clothes. We also regularly pay it forward by sending jewelry and clothing to people who are dealing with a hardship, celebrating a life event, or just as a random act of kindness because everyone needs their day brightened every once in awhile.”

Featured Product: Leopard Fuzzy Coat, $38 (+$5 shipping, except on orders over $50)

Product Description: Leopard is in this season and this luxurious faux fur leopard jacket will make you feel like a movie star! It comes in sizes S, M and L.

Special Offer: Use code BOSSGIRL18 for 10% off your order

Website: http://www.TheModernMamanista.com

Category: Gifts That Give Back

Nu Market

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Nu Market All-in-One Tote

Founder: Caroline Gutman

Company Description: Nu Market is a social enterprise whose mission is to bridge traditional women’s handicrafts with modern design to have lasting impact. They create beautiful handbags that feature women artisan-made textiles and 100% Italian leather, and 20% of Nu Market’s profits fund women’s education.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I co-founded Nu Market (nu = “woman” in Mandarin) while on a Fulbright grant in China, photographing ethnic minority women artisans and researching their impact on local economic development. In a region faced with illiteracy and limited job opportunities beyond agriculture, women artisans often lack a marketplace for their handicrafts beyond their own villages.

“As I got to know the women artisans, I learned about their beautiful handicrafts but limited market access. My cofounder and I saw true potential in connecting women from two worlds: Entrepreneurial, talented, inspiring women artisans in rural China paired with stylish, sophisticated, and socially-conscious women in the U.S and beyond.”

Featured Product: All-in-One Tote, $349

Product Description:
100% Italian leather
100% cotton handmade indigo batik lining
Dimensions: W 12 1/2″ expanding to 19,” H 14″ D 9″
Dual leather drawstrings, magnetic closure, one external and two internal zippered pockets. Dust bag included.

As with all Nu Market bags, 20% of the profits from the All-in-One Tote will be reinvested into artisan women’s communities.

Special Offer: Use promo code LABG18 for 10% off your order + free shipping

Website: https://www.numarket.org


Category: Mindful Living

The Path Meditation Service

Dina Kaplan, The Path
Dina Kaplan, The Path

Founder: Dina Kaplan (find her Like A Boss Girls feature here)

Company Description: The Path teaches meditation in a modern, accessible way, and inspires people to begin or maintain a daily practice.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was a stressed out tech founder and I didn’t know where to turn in terms of dealing with my stress.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are teaching meditation around the world and certifying people to teach meditation, spreading light and kindness around the world.”

Featured Product: Guided Meditation Session, in-person in NYC, $20

Product Description: Gift the power of calm! Enjoy one free expertly guided meditation with The Path, meditation for the modern mind.

Special Offer: Use code “likeaboss” for a $5 discount on all weekly sits (downtown and uptown) through the end of February

Website: https://www.thepath.com/

Category: Beauty


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Pinrose’s Secret Genius Shimmer Mist Travel Spray

Founder: Erika Shumate

Company Description: Pinrose is a whimsical and science-based luxury fragrance brand whose scents are designed to highlight your emotions and your vibe with a playful flair.

What inspired you to start your company?

“We know wearing perfume is personal, so we try to make the discovery process easy, entertaining, and most importantly stress-free. Our scent finder quiz puts anxiety on the back burner and brings a bowl of fun to the table. We lead with thoughtful education.”

How is your company making a difference and generating positive change?

“We believe beauty is in the brain of the holder: where science is rad, being askew is adored, and being clever is cool.”

Featured Product: Secret Genius Shimmer Mist Travel Spray, $24

Product Description: This hydrating mist features notes of vanilla, caramel, and sandalwood and contains small, iridescent pink and silver sparkles. This cute and compact purse spray makes for a delightful, budget-friendly stocking stuffer.

Special Offer: Use code PINROSEBOSS for a 15% discount!

Website: http://www.pinrose.com

Category: Home & Lifestyle

A Pet With Paws

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A Pet with Paws Madison Carrier With Pet-Trek

Founder: Ann Greenberg

Company Description: A Pet with Paws®is a collection of innovative, chic and sustainable pet carriers and accessories that enable pet parents to travel in style with their pets safely, comfortably and effortlessly.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was President of a handbag company called The Underground Chic that manufactured fashionable, eco-friendly handbags made from recycled plastic bottles.

“I wanted to expand my handbag business and I noticed that my stepdaughter Karen was carrying her beautiful cat, Madison, in a very unattractive and bulky pet carrier. I realized that by using my handbag knowledge, I could modify the handbag [into] a pet carrier.

“The carrier would have the look and feel of a chic handbag but with the functionality, comfort and safety of a pet carrier.  I was excited about this opportunity and I founded A Pet with Paws.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Pets are now viewed as members of the family, and an increasing number of pet owners take their pets with them whether they are running errands, going to the office or traveling to destinations near and far.

“However, carrying a pet in a carrier can become uncomfortable for the owner. The solution lies in the development of our patent-pending Pet-Trek®, a 4-spinner-wheel folding trolley which moves in any direction, like 4-spinner wheel luggage, thereby taking the weight off the pet owners’ shoulders and back, allowing them the freedom to transport their pet safely, comfortably and effortlessly.

“The Pet-Trek® is designed to work seamlessly with our pet carriers, making it easy for pet owners to travel with their small pets anywhere at any anytime.”

Featured Product: Madison Carrier With Pet-Trek®, $189 & up

Product Description:
Available Colors: Pink, Pecan, Cobalt. Available in 2 sizes: Small: 16” W x 10” H x 9 1/2” D, $189.00. Large: 18” W x 11 1/2” H x 10 1/2” D, $199.00

Features: –100% printed fabric made from recycled plastic bottles — Breathable mesh back, side and top — Double zip top and side opening with Velcro closing — Removable and washable polyester sherpa fleece covered bottom — Side-end double pocket — Adjustable and removable shoulder strap — Real metal lock and trim — Airline approved

Special Offer: Get 30% off your order from A Pet with Paws with promo code HOLIDAY.  Free shipping with any order over $100.

Website: https://www.apetwithpaws.com

Category: Books/Stationary


The PleaseNotes Guided Journal
The PleaseNotes Guided Journal

Founder: Cheryl Sutherland

Company Description: These guided affirmation journals, notebooks, stationary, and decorative items are made to help people tap into their passions, drive, and purpose.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I had reached a point in my life where I knew I had to do something different. I had more to give, and if I continued doing what I was doing, I would just be terribly unhappy. I quit my job and created space for an idea to pop in. I spent time journaling, working with affirmations, and reading. After a couple weeks, I realized the thing that really lit me up was the process of self-exploration and personal development. I wanted a way to consistently remind myself of the person I re-discovered thorough this process, and that’s how PleaseNotes was born.”

Featured Product: The PleaseNotes Guided Journal, $34.95

Special Offer: 15% with the code “Boss Girl” (or just click here

Website: www.PleaseNotes.com

Category: Personal Care


PLUS ULTRA toothbrush
PLUS ULTRA’s Hello Gorgeous toothbrush.

Founder: Christina Ramirez

Company Description: Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and travel accessories for adults and kids.

What inspired you to start your company?

“It was a business plan I wrote in college at UCSB that addresses two global issues: plastic waste and the poor oral hygiene epidemic.”

How is your company making a difference and generating positive change?

“We have reduced over 1,500 tons of plastic waste from entering our landfills and oceans so far.”

Featured Product: Hello Gorgeous Toothbrushes (one-year supply), $24

Product Description: This one-year eco pack contains four bamboo brushes, an eco-friendly alternative to the average plastic toothbrush. These durable brushes feature stylishly sculpted handles and soft, nylon bristles, making them pleasant on both the eyes and the mouth.

Special Offer: LIKEABOSSGIRLS for a 15% discount off an entire order on liveplusultra.com. This applies to all of our eco-packs.

Website: https://liveplusultra.com

Category: Beauty

Primally Pure

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant
Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

Founder: Bethany McDaniel

Company Description: Primally Pure hand-crafts skincare products that are natural and non-toxic, using ingredients like tallow from grass-fed cows, organic and fair-trade coconut oil, and organic essential oils. They sell everything from natural deodorants to face mists made from locally sourced, organic hydrosols, and much more.

What inspired you to start your company?

“When Bethany’s family spontaneously started a farm, it also started her path to a clean lifestyle – and skincare was a huge part of that. Bethany dealt with acne, rosacea, and other skin problems for years, and the further she strayed from conventional products, the better her skin looked and felt. She was sold on natural skincare and wanted the rest of the world to experience the same benefits. She then began formulating and selling her formulations and was overwhelmed by the positive response from customers. Her home was quickly overrun with coconut oil, glass jars/bottles, and shipping boxes, causing this little business to relocate into an office/warehouse space just a year later.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“By definition, primal means very basic and powerful – and that’s exactly the approach we take at Primally Pure. We strive to cultivate, lead, and live our lives in the same way we create our products: infused with simplicity, integrity and beauty.”

Featured Product: Charcoal Deodorant, $16

Product Description: A gentle, non-toxic deodorant formulated with safe, effective ingredients researched over the course of years. Available in 1.7 oz and 2.5 oz sizes.

Website: https://primallypure.com

Category: Accessories

Riley Versa Customizable Bags

Riley Versa's Extrovert bag
Riley Versa

Founder:  Melissa Urfirer Gottesman

Company Description: Riley Versa is an innovative luxury handbag company that features interchangeable, fashion-forward accessories. You can start by selecting one of three bag styles – tote, clutch, or classic. Then, you’ll choose from an array of interchangeable magnetic covers, interior pouches, and chain options. By seamlessly switching covers and pouches, you can transform the style of your bag in seconds, allowing you to be boldly “VERSA-tile” with your fashion choices!

What inspired you to start your company?

“The idea came to me when I went on vacation totting my usual carry-on suitcase, which allowed me to pack only one handbag for the trip. The bag was really bright, and clashed with everything else I had packed. So the idea for Riley Versa came out of a personal desire for the product – one bag with interchangeable pieces to change the look without consuming too much precious space.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Philanthropy is an incredibly important component of Riley Versa. We frequently partner with causes we care about. For example, we created a special “TIME’S UP” cover an donated 100% of the proceeds to the organization. And most recently for Breast Cancer Awareness Month we partnered with The Pink Agenda to create a limited edition pouch and donated 100% of the proceeds to the organization for the month of October.”

Featured Product: “The Extrovert” Bag, $150

Product Description: Each plastic tote comes with the interchangeable pouch of the customer’s choice + a patent leather black strap that can be worn on your tote or pouch. Choose your complimentary cover, add an (optional) monogram to your tote, and select extra pouches and straps!

Special Offer: Use promo code “LESGC” when you checkout to donate 10% of the order to the Lower Eastside Girls Club

Website: https://rileyversa.com/collections/extrovert-bags

Category: Jewelry & Accessories


Rosa Gold Blanket Scarf

Founder: Kirsten LaGreca

Company Description: “Monogrammed blanket scarves that are cozy AF!”

What inspired you to start your company?

“I wanted to create a new way for me to personally give back a little more than I was able to do on my own, so I started a business that gives a percentage toward helping other women.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We donate a percentage of our profits to causes that help more women get an education and support women entrepreneurs to fund their own businesses.”

Featured Product: Rosa Gold Monogrammed Blanket Scarf, $60

Product Description: Free shipping within the USA. 100% Acrylic. Dimensions: 30 x 90 in. Free monogram of your choice.

Website: http://www.rosa.gold

Category: Fitness



Founder: Julia Sokol

Company Description: Specifically designed to help women harness their feminine energy and forge female communities, SassClass offers empowering dance class programs that build toward a particularly glamorous final performance: a professional music video shoot.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I created SassClass because I wanted something like this to exist in the world! I have danced all my life, and I wanted the benefits of dance and performance to be accessible to ALL women. Traditional dance studios offer only drop-in classes (i.e. single, pay-as-you-go classes) … Drop-in classes are impersonal by nature, whereas in a program, women get to form bonds over time—and community is very important to me and a huge part of SassClass.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“At SassClass, women step far beyond their comfort zones and experience a huge boost in confidence as a result. They take this confidence with them out into the world as a bolder version of themselves emerges. Many of our students make radical, positive changes in their lives after SassClass, including leaving their jobs, starting businesses, leaving bad relationships, taking on new projects, etc. One of our students left her PR career to become an actress when she discovered how much she loved being in front of the camera at SassClass!”

Featured Product: SassClass Gift Certificate, choose your own amount

Product Description: “Treat the women in your life to the empowering, transformative SassClass experience! Our gift certificates are available in custom denominations, expire 1 year from date of purchase, and will be sent digitally to the email address provided at checkout. For reference, our drop-in classes are $20/class while our programs range from $180-300.”

Special Offer: The first 10 women to use code “LABG” at checkout get 10% off gift certificates. Expires 1/1/19 or when it runs out!

Website: http://www.sassclassnyc.com

Category: Jewelry & Accessories

Selin Kent

Selin Kent White Diamond “Helia” Studs

Founder(s): Selin Kent

Company Description: Selin Kent is a New York-based jewelry designer who hails from Istanbul, Turkey. She launched her eponymous fine jewelry line in 2013, with a focus on creating unique pieces with clean lines and architectural forms.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I fell into the jewelry world in a bit of a roundabout way. Jewelry was initially a hobby for me, and it organically evolved into a business. I initially took classes in metalsmithing after work and over the weekends back when I had just graduated from college and was working at a market research firm. I had a reaction against sitting in front of a computer for long hours, and longed to learn how to make something with my hands. I signed up for metalsmithing classes because I had been curious about metal and how it was manipulated.

“At some point my hobby turned into a passion and I decided to go back to school to study jewelry full-time. It was after graduating from a two-year program at FIT in jewelry fabrication and design, and training under master craftsmen in my hometown Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar that I launched my line (six years ago as of November 2018).”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are obviously a small fish in a large pond. But no company is too small to pay attention to sustainability. We source our diamonds and stones responsibly, and only work with suppliers who provide us with recycled metal.

“I think the focus in the jewelry industry tends to be about responsible sourcing of stones, and the mining of metals is secondary. Mining practices can have a very detrimental impact on the environment, especially in places where practices are antiquated. We also make a point to produce everything locally in New York and work very closely with the jewelers and artisans who are produce our jewelry by hand, making sure they are well compensated for their work.”

Featured Product: Helia Studs – White Diamond Pavé, $1,250/pair

Product Description: What is better than a beautiful and subtle sunburst to adorn your ears? Mix and match for multiple piercings or keep it classic with a pair. Carat weight: 0.25 carats for pair / 0.125 carats for single earring. Measures 8mm / 0.3” from side to side. Options: 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or 14K white gold.

Special Offer: Use promo code BOSSGIRLS20 for 20% off sitewide

Website: https://www.selinkent.com/

Category: Apparel

ShoeCandy® by Kara Mac

The Broadway Boot
The Broadway Boot

Founders: Kara Mac (Creator) & Ann Merin (Co-founder)

Company Description: ShoeCandy sells high-fashion, customizable shoes for women. Shoppers can select their own swappable Heel Covers, Sandal Straps, and Toe Clips (a.k.a. “Candy”) to create their own unique statement footwear.

What inspired you to start your company?

“Constantly schlepping shoes back and forth to the office and having to check baggage because I had a shoe to match every outfit in my luggage. Why, why, why do women need so many shoes?”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Sustainability. Since one shoe can replace a multitude of shoes in your closet, ShoeCandy helps the environment by reducing the eco-footprint with less solid waste in our landfills.”

Featured Product: The Broadway Boot, from $299

Product Description: A comfortable, classic style made from soft Brazilian leather with a 2 1/4″ customizable heal.

Special Offer: Use code LIKEABOSS for 15% off your shopping cart, expires 12/31/18

Website: https://shoecandy.shoes

Category: Mindful Living


holiday gift guide

Founder: Meha Agrawal

Company Description:

SILK + SONDER is a self-care monthly planner and journal subscription service that empowers women to reflect and rejuvenate by leveraging the power of pen, paper, and data. Functioning like a “therapist in her purse”, SILK + SONDER is committed to elevating emotional health, and making self-help more affordable, personalized, and actionable.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I discovered journaling in my mid-twenties when I hit my worst career and relationship ruts and had run out of options to heal my anxiety and stress. The impact pen and paper had on my emotional health was magical. I realized that many people, especially women, could benefit from a guided journaling experience to tinker with their creative spirits, decrease levels of anxiety, and inspire them on a journey of self-discovery and self-care.”

Featured Product: Three-Month Gift Subscription, $45

Product Description: A three-month SILK + SONDER Gift Subscription includes: A monthly delivery for 3 consecutive months of a hand-curated booklet that offers planning and productivity frameworks, journaling prompts, inspirational content, mindfulness techniques, and more.

Special Offer: Use promo code LIKEABOSS for 10% off all products (gifts and regular subscriptions)

Website: https://www.silkandsonder.com

Category: Home + Lifestyle


Soukra Picnic Set
Soukra Picnic Set

Founder: Pauline Eveillard

Company Description: Soukra sells home and fashion from Tunisian entrepreneurs as a way to shed a spotlight on the burgeoning community of creatives post Arab Spring. In this divisive time, they also aim to foster tolerance and mutual understanding by celebrating the creative communities of Tunisia.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Since the Arab Spring, there has been a growing entrepreneurial movement in Tunisia, with young designers using methods and materials rooted in Tunisian tradition to create exciting, modern products. I launched Soukra to raise awareness about this vibrant community of talented entrepreneurs whose creations support artisan communities across the country. I lived in Tunisia in 2005-2006 while on a Fulbright, and fell in love with the country. I return every couple of years to spend time with lifelong friends I met while living there, foster deep relationships with Tunisia’s entrepreneurs, and continue exploring the stories behind the people, places, and products of Tunisia.”

Featured Product: Picnic Gift Set, $124 (free shipping)

Product Description: Everything you need for an elevated picnic is included in this set packed with our favorite pieces – handblown tumblers, a beautiful olive wood serving bowl, woven serving platter, large fouta blanket, and sweet mini napkins. Spread out your fouta on a warm patch of grass, grab a bottle of rose and some friends, then relish the simple joy of a few hours relaxing in the sunshine.

Special Offer: Use code LABGholiday at checkout for 15% off! (through Dec. 31)

Website: https://soukra.co

Category: Apparel + Gifts That Give Back

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Sseko Designs Bucket Bag in Pebbled Jasper

Sseko Designs

Founder(s): Liz Forkin Bohannon

Company Description: Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that hires high potential women in Uganda to make products that will enable them to earn money through dignified employment. Money earned goes directly toward each woman’s college education.

What inspired you to start your company?

“One of my favorite quotes is: ‘Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone’ (Andy Stanley). For me, it was the realization that I was so passionate about the BIG VISION of bringing change to millions of girls living in extreme poverty that I wasn’t actually making an impact in the life of a SINGLE GIRL So, I quit my job, bought a one way plane ticket to Uganda and decided to go make some friends!”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are commandeering the traditional manufacturing model to create a community and opportunity for some of the smartest women in East Africa who will go on to become leaders in their country and our world. In the U.S., we are hijacking the traditional retail model by enabling women to start, run and scale their own impact enterprise by partnering with Sseko.

“Through our innovative work-study program, we’ve enabled 87 women in Uganda to go to university. These women are now becoming leaders and game changers in their community! From starting tech schools to becoming chief loan officers at multinational micro-loan organizations, these women are our future and we feel privileged to be a small part of their stories!”

Featured Product: Bucket Bag in Pebbled Jasper, $159.99

Product Description: 16″ (H) x 11.5″ (L) x 5.5″ (W) / Unlined interior / Features two internal pockets / Handcrafted from pebbled leather

Website: https://ssekodesigns.com/

Category: Subscriptions & Services

The Stork Bag

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The Stork Bag Third Trimester Bag

Founder(s): Ericka Perry, CEO

Company Description:

The first eco-friendly pregnancy subscription bag, curated with 8-12 products to meet trimester and postpartum needs!

What inspired you to start your company?

“In 2014, my friend became pregnant for the first time and [was having] a pretty rough pregnancy. She called me to ask for some advice and recommendations. I told her that I would send her a care package with some of the products I’d used in the past during my pregnancies, along with some goodies […] so she would feel uplifted.

“Initially, I went to the internet to see if there was a pre-packaged product like this that I could buy and make it easier on myself but, I came up short. After discovering there was nothing like what I was looking for on the the market, I created a small package and sent it to her. When she received it she loved it and I discovered a gap in the market.

“Why wasn’t there a prenatal gifting product catering to women during such an important time in their lives?, I asked myself. I’d recalled attending baby showers and noticing that mom-to-be never received anything for herself. As a mother of three, I understand how important it is for mom to feel loved, cherished, wanted and beautiful during her pregnancy, so I created The Stork Bag to place a little attention back on mommy.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“The purpose behind The Stork Bag is to spread love and joy to as many mothers as we can through thoughtful gifting options. Our goal is also to encourage and support female entrepreneurship through the inclusion of their products in our bags.

“Since launching in 2014, we have partnered with close to 20 different mom-created/owned brands to establish one-of-a-kind wholesale relationships and help nurture the growth of their companies through our Stork Bags. As it stands, ~85% of all products carried in our Stork Bags are from female-owned brands, including 9 Stork Bag branded products.”

Featured Product: The Great Stork Prepaid Subscription, $215

Product Description:

The Great Stork includes 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester Stork Bags + The PostBump Bag, plus free domestic shipping. Each trimester bag is filled with items like pregnancy books, stretch mark creams, and coupons for important maternity products. The PostBump Stork bag is full of goodies for a new mom, with top rated postnatal products and health & wellness products for your new baby.

Website: https://thestorkbag.com

Category: Accessories

Stringgles Accessories


Founder: Patricia Striggles

Company Description: Stringgles is a shop full of handmade for the culture items including African print clutches, bandanas, head wraps, bookmarks, hats, and more.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Stringgles is making a difference by making sure all fabrics are purchased from African wholesales. I am big on spending money where it matters. I need to know that my money is helping other people of color. I also am very open about running a business, and love meeting with other entrepreneurs who are just getting started to help them however I can.”

Featured Product: Black Panther Party Inspired Wool Beret, $32

Product Description: The Black Panther Party Beret is a black, 100% wool beret. It has African print fabric border and a removable pin, and the circumference is 24in. These berets are available in 11 print options, and will help you stand out and make a statement.

Special Offer: Use code LABG at checkout for 10% off.

Website: https://stringgles.shop

Category: Apparel + Gifts That Give Back



Founder: Shannon Keith

Company Description: Sudara is a certified B-Corp on a mission to offer ethically-made apparel that will create jobs and support skills training for women in India who are at a high risk of sex trafficking.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I went on a humanitarian trip to India in 2005; we were donating a freshwater well to a community in need.  Little did I know, though, that the well was placed in a red light district. While we were there, I heard countless stories of women being forced to sell their bodies in order to feed their families and mothers who could not afford the required fees to send their children to school. My heart broke wide open. I realized that women needed work – safer, more sustainable forms of employment – and started to build the vision of Sudara from there.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Sudara uses the power of business to create living-wage jobs and provide skills training to women in India who are at a high risk of sex trafficking.  Through the support of our non-profit, our partner centers in India are also able to provide services for women and children that address physical, psychological and housing needs. As an example of this impact, one of our partner centers is able to provide skills training for about 600 women per year. And, approximately 89% of the women will be placed in a job (or start their own business!) after graduating from the program.”

Featured Product: Kala Robe, $79 + $7 standard shipping (U.S. orders $99+ ship free)

Product Description: The Kala print robe features indigo-textured circles layered across a soft cornflower-blue fabric. It’s trimmed with a festive Banarasi border of golden waves and includes side pockets as well as internal and external tie closures in a matching fabric. This robe is offered in three sizes (XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL) for a perfect fit.

Website: http://www.sudara.org

Category: Accessories

Svala Luxury Vegan Handbags

Svala Didi clutch
Svala Didi clutch

Founder: Helga Douglas

Company Description: Svala is a line of luxury vegan handbags, handcrafted in LA with fabrics such as Piñatex® (made from pineapple leaf fiber), cork, Italian PU and recycled plastic bottles.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was always looking for sustainably-made, animal-friendly bags and accessories and was unable to find exactly what I was looking for.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Svala is available exclusively on svala.co so we can directly offer ethically and sustainably made, handcrafted products, made with the highest-quality, innovative and luxurious vegan fabrics, without the traditional retail mark-up. This allows us to offer the best of sustainable luxury with a modern approach to pricing and access. We donate a percentage of our profits to various animal and environment related charities and we also participate in a carbon offset program.”

Featured Product: The Didi Clutch, $290

Product Description: “The Didi clutch in black is perfect for a night out. This structured evening purse is handcrafted from luxurious Italian vegan leather, embossed faux snakeskin, and is lined with organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. The clutch comes with a detachable chain strap and silver Svala swallow charm.  It can be dressed up or down, used as a clutch or a shoulder purse and adds polish to any outfit.

Website: https://svala.co/


Category: Sexual Health

Two to Tango

Founder(s): Candice Smith

Company Description:

Two to Tango is a sexual wellness and education company providing sex education for adults. Their Sexperiential Learning™ program uses hands-on board games and products to teach intimate communication and deepen emotional connections.

Two to Tango provides couples with fun board games for sex and intimacy — but these games are actually research-backed products that incorporate cognitive science, relationship psychology, linguistic studies, and education pedagogy.

What inspired you to start your company?

Two to Tango Cofounder Candice Smith realized that despite having a background in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, she was struggling to communicate her sexual wants, needs and desires in her personal and dating life. She saw that society was in need of better education tools surrounding communication and sexuality.

personal care
Two to Tango’s Art of Self Discovery Box

How is your company generating positive change

“Two to Tango was founded, ultimately, to destigmatize human sexuality and intimate communication so that the human experience is happier and more fulfilling — with amazing sex — and I’m proud to say we are realizing our mission!

“Our Sexperiential Learning™ games create a common intimate language for couples and maintain an expectation that the bedroom is a safe space where both partners can express mutual respect and love — while keeping intimacy fresh and fun! Our happy couples write us with stories of how we have changed their intimacy both inside and outside of the bedroom.”

Featured Product: Our Self Love Kit for Ladies: The Art of Self Discovery, $94.95

Product Description:

This kit includes: Self Love Activity Booklet, Wild Orange DoTerra Oil, Aphrodisiac Soy Candle with Passion Flower and Damiana, Aphrodisiac Milk Bath Bomb with Passion Flower, Curved Glass Dildo, Arousal Balm, Small Round Mirror…and 3 more fun extras! Designed in conjunction with renowned love coach Laurie Davis Edwards.

Special Offer: Free Shipping with code HOLIDAYS18

Website: http://www.theKinkKit.com

Category: Food + Drink


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Unicreamer Vegan Coffee Creamer

Founder(s): Lori & Elise Lefcourt (Plus: Listen to our conversation with Lori & Elise on our Mind of a Mentor podcast, and check out our full article about Lori & Unicreamer on the site here!)

Company Description: Unicreamer is a portable vegan coffee creamer that contains 3g of plant protein per serving to keep you full & focused.

What inspired you to start your company?

During the six years that Lori spent working on Wall Street, she noticed that the fast-paced lifestyle was causing her health to decline. She began adding protein powder to her coffee every day as a strategy to get her focus and energy back. Although the texture of the protein powder + coffee was less than ideal, she realized that she was onto something. From that point forward, Lori and her sister Elise made it their shared mission to help others get healthy and fit while living a busy lifestyle.

Unicreamer has another meaningful mission: animal welfare. Their company never uses animal products and they give back to animal welfare charities that help to strengthen the bonds between humans and animals.

How is your company generating positive change?

Unicreamer is dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free, so it’s a product that helps people of all ages eat clean, live a healthy lifestyle, and stay full and focused in their everyday lives.

Unicreamer also makes a positive impact by giving back to meaningful causes. They donated proceeds from their launch party ticket sales to a charity that helps Honduran women, and they also give to the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.

Featured Product: Holiday Unicorn Bundle, $25.99

Product Description: Unicreamer Mixed 12-Pack (Original, Mocha, Hazelnut) + a Unicreamer coffee mug

Special Offer: Use promo code Bossgirls15 for 15% off your order

Website: http://www.unicreamer.com


Category: Food + Drink, Subscriptions + Services

Vega Coffee

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Vega Coffee

Founder(s): Noushin Ketabi

Company Description: Vega Coffee is a social enterprise that partners with communities in Nicaragua and Colombia to grow, roast, package, and ship their own coffee directly to consumers, universities, and businesses worldwide. Vega is Fair Trade Certified, with a pioneering model that allows growers to earn up to 4x more than they would from conventional export channels. Vega also focuses on integrating women into the coffee supply chain, leading to increased empowerment and more stable communities.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I started Vega along with my two co-founders, my husband Rob Terenzi and our friend, Will DeLuca. The roots of Vega stretch back to 2006 when Rob began working with a women-run coffee cooperative in Miraflor [Nicaragua] to roast their coffee as a means to supplement the income the farmers received from selling their crop to exporters.

“As coffee lovers, Rob, Will and I bought a lot of coffee. We were used to paying $3+ for Fair Trade, organic specialty grade coffee at our favorite coffee shops, thinking that we were supporting sustainable farmer livelihoods. Yet, when we got to know farmers in Nicaragua who dedicated their lives to growing Fair Trade, organic specialty coffee, we were stunned to learn that they could barely afford basic needs, like healthcare and education.

“Something was broken. The coffee supply chain was built on a fundamental separation between coffee farmers and the people who enjoy their product. We started Vega Coffee to fix this.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“At Vega, we are creating a whole new coffee experience by distilling the supply chain to three essential parts: the producer, the consumer and the marketplace. We equip farmers with the tools and training to roast and package their coffee into a high end product. As a result, they earn 4-5 times more money than they would from selling an unprocessed commodity to a middleman. The additional income earned by coffee farmers has a tangible impact, funding community initiatives like better education for children and greater access to healthcare.

“We are committed to promoting gender equity throughout our supply chain, and over 90 percent of our farmer roasters are women. This is something that’s very important to us.”

Featured Product: Vega Coffee Subscription, $16.20 and up

Product Description: Each bag is 12 oz. Free shipping included. Roast Options: Light / Medium / Dark / Espresso. Subscription Options: 1 Month (1 Bag): $16.20 / 3 Months (3 Bags): $48.60 / 6 Months (6 Bags): $86.40 / 12 Months (12 Bags): $151.20. Grind Options: Whole bean (grind on your own) / Fine grind (espresso, aeropress) / Medium grind (pour over, auto-drip) / Coarse grind (french press, chemex).

Special Offer: Give more, save more. Spend $20, get 10% off. Spend $60, get 15% off. Spend $90, get 20% off. Spend $120, get 25% off. Promo automatically applied at checkout. (No code needed!)

Spend $75 with Vega, and you’ll get a Vega Coffee tote, pin and sticker, illustrated by our friends at Sauce Chalice, a Seattle artist collective.

Website: https://www.vegacoffee.com/

Category: Health + Wellness


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Wellory Health Coaching

Founder(s): Emily Hochman

Company Description: Wellory is a new and improved health coach experience that offers best-in-class, easily accessible health coaching at an affordable rate.

What inspired you to start your company?

“After years of struggling with health problems and corrupt doctor recommendations, I went on my own self healing journey, which included becoming a certified health coach. With the right diet and lifestyle balance, I was able to cure myself of all the symptoms and ailments I had, and prove the doctors (who told me I had to take medication every day) wrong!”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are making health coaching more accessible and more affordable. Our mission is to help everyone feel better through the right diet and lifestyle. Don’t just take medication to mask your problem; let a health coach identify the root of your ailment and fix it. We are in the business of saving lives.”

Featured Product: Founding Member Package, $35 (Reg. $75)

Product Description:

(2) 30 Min Health Coaching Sessions / Unlimited Text Messaging / Expert accountability / Email check-ins / Access to members events / Surprise benefits!

Website: https://www.wellory.com/

Category: Sexual Health

Woo More Play

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Woo More Play

Founder:  Lauryn Evarts, Michael Bosstick, Westin Mitchell

Company Description: Organic personal lubricant AKA “love oil” made from organic coconuts and natural ingredients

What inspired you to start your company?

There wasn’t a sexual wellness brand in the current market that was producing a product like ours for women.

How is your company generating positive change?

By providing a healthy, natural, and organic product that empowers women in the bedroom. Our mission as a brand is to make the topic of sex less taboo, where women can speak their opinion as to what pleases them in the bedroom.

Featured Product: Coconut Love Oil, $24.99

Product Description: All natural and organic virgin coconut personal lubricant – 3.3 oz | 100 ml

Special Offer: Use promo code LABGHOLIDAY for 20% off entire order + free domestic shipping

Website: https://woomoreplay.com/