2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Subscriptions + Services


Welcome to Like A Boss Girls’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Subscriptions & Services Category! Below, you’ll find the best gifts you can buy this holiday season to support small businesses founded by women.

Join us in putting your holiday shopping dollars toward a good cause. Many companies are offering our community an exclusive discount code, so don’t miss this great opportunity to shop, save, AND make a positive impact.

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ALTRD Tailoring

Founders: Saara Hafeez and Stephanie Estey

Company Description:

ALTRD connects professionals who need alterations with immigrant and refugee women who are skilled at sewing.

What inspired you to start your company?

Cofounders Saara Hafeez and Stephanie Estey noticed that they both had unworn clothes piling up in their closets in need of alterations. 

The duo created ALTRD to bring work to women who are skilled at sewing, but could not work outside of the home due to childcare expenses or cultural restrictions. ALTRD makes clothing alterations as easy as possible. ALTRD’s website enables customers to prep their garment for alterations before shipping it to one of ALTRD’s tailors, or “SewExperts”. After the alterations are finished, the item is sent back to the customer.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Women who have joined the ALTRD team [as SewExperts] have been able to add an entirely new dimension to their lives. They are able to meaningfully contribute to household income and have new challenges to work on every day.

“ALTRD focuses on depth of impact. Through our work, SewExperts can earn $20-$24/hour. With the average work hours requested, ALTRD can increase the average household income by up to 49%.

“Right now, we work with 25 SewExperts but, with more orders, we can work with hundreds of women in-need in a few years.”

Featured Product: Pants Alterations, $14.99 – 34.99

Product Description: This is an incredible gift for someone you love who has a closet full of fabulous pieces of clothing that aren’t being worn because of needing repairs or alterations. Giving them the gift of this convenient, door-to-door tailoring service is like providing your loved one with a closet clean-out AND a new wardrobe! Plus, your gift will economically empower women in need by enabling them to perform skilled labor from home.

Special Offer: Use promo code “LABG10” to get 10% off your order

Website: https://altrd.io/

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Global Girl Life

woman holding the Global Girl Life's culture box subscription.
The Global Girl Life’s culture box subscription.

Founder: Shannon Rizzo

Company Description:

Global Girl Life is a line of high-quality, handmade treasures created by women artisans all over the world. Products are delivered to you monthly while you are out conquering the rest of the world! A different country is featured every month, and each item is hand-selected. You can find the story of the artisan who made your gifts inside.

You’ll also get gift cards and gift bags as well, so purchase the box for yourself, keep the items you love, and share the rest! We promote re-gifting the right way.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I started my company to pull women out of poverty and help them build confidence by using the skill sets they already have. The global buyers on the other end of the community get a wider global perspective by learning about the people who created their products and the places they come from. It creates a beautiful connection, and fosters learning and creativity.”

Featured Product: Culture Box Subscription, $49 month / value of over $80-$100 per month

Special Offer: Use code LIKEABOSSGGL at checkout for 20% off + free shipping on purchases over $75, including sale items. May include a free gift with purchase while supplies last.

Website: https://globalgirl.life/

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Handmade Happy Mail

Handmade Happy Mail
Handmade Happy Mail

Founder: Deena Hopkins

Company Description: Handmade Happy Mail is a subscription box catered to those who want to send their loved ones a hug made of paper. With a subscription to  Handmade Happy, you get handmade greeting cards sent right to your door every month for a variety of occasions! Nothing says “I Miss You” or “Happy Birthday” with sophistication, grace, and sentimental charm quite like cards crafted by hands, not by machines.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I grew up believing I was never good enough. Anything I did could have been done better. I wish I had someone to give me those small notes and pushes of encouragement. When I started making cards, I wanted to be that push for others. So now I help my customers send those notes of happiness, encouragement, and love to their family and friends all year long.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Our society  teaches that we always need more, bigger, better. From television shows and commercials, to holidays like Black Friday – it all sends the message that what we have is never enough. My company helps you send small notes of love and encouragement that say what you do, what you achieve, just WHO YOU ARE is enough.”

Featured Product: Subscription/Voucher, $24.99

Product Description: A monthly subscription includes free shipping, stamps, and a set of five exquisitely designed cards:

  • One holiday card
  • Two sentiment cards (i.e. Thank You or Congratulations)
  • Two birthday cards

Special Offer: Use Code BOSSGIRLS to get 20% off a 3 month subscription

Website: http://handmadehappymail.com/

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Lead With A Twist

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Lead With A Twist One-on-One Coaching by Dominique Mas

Founder(s): Dominique Mas (don’t miss our full interview with Dominique about her yoga-based coaching work, here!)

Company Description: Through her coaching service, Lead With A Twist, Dominique coaches high achievers, helping them to slow down, dig deep and reflect so they can perform at their highest level.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I spent 15 years in educational leadership in Europe, Asia and the US, coaching teachers and promoting the development of high achieving teachers and students. I realized that all my experiences were building towards starting my own private practice for coaching as well as creating and facilitating workshops.

“Working one-on-one with clients gives me an incredible opportunity to propel them towards the life they dream of. I cannot describe the feeling I get when someone tells me they are not the same person they were when we first started working together. It is a privilege to have such insight into others’ lives and it is a gift I am grateful for each day.

How is your company generating positive change?

“My clients are highly driven by the impact they already have on the world and want to increase it exponentially by doing what they love. My one-on-one work allows my clients to deeply reflect on where they are, where they want to be and [figure out] how to get there. Their personal growth unlocks a world of new possibilities for them, and this is what drives me!”

Featured Product: Gift card for a coaching session, $150 

Product Description: Sessions are arranged through a video call and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Special Offer: Get two 1-hour individual coaching sessions for $280 (no promo code needed).

Website: https://dominiquemas.com

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Founder: Meha Agrawal

Company Description:

SILK + SONDER is a self-care monthly planner and journal subscription service that empowers women to reflect and rejuvenate by leveraging the power of pen, paper, and data. Functioning like a “therapist in her purse”, SILK + SONDER is committed to elevating emotional health, and making self-help more affordable, personalized, and actionable.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I discovered journaling in my mid-twenties when I hit my worst career and relationship ruts and had run out of options to heal my anxiety and stress. The impact pen and paper had on my emotional health was magical. I realized that many people, especially women, could benefit from a guided journaling experience to tinker with their creative spirits, decrease levels of anxiety, and inspire them on a journey of self-discovery and self-care.”

Featured Product: Three-Month Gift Subscription, $45

Product Description: A three-month SILK + SONDER Gift Subscription includes: A monthly delivery for 3 consecutive months of a hand-curated booklet that offers planning and productivity frameworks, journaling prompts, inspirational content, mindfulness techniques, and more. 

Special Offer: Use promo code LIKEABOSS for 10% off all products (gifts and regular subscriptions)

Website: https://www.silkandsonder.com

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The Stork Bag

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The Stork Bag Third Trimester Bag

Founder(s): Ericka Perry, CEO

Company Description:

The first eco-friendly pregnancy subscription bag, curated with 8-12 products to meet trimester and postpartum needs!

What inspired you to start your company?

“In 2014, my friend became pregnant for the first time and [was having] a pretty rough pregnancy. She called me to ask for some advice and recommendations. I told her that I would send her a care package with some of the products I’d used in the past during my pregnancies, along with some goodies […] so she would feel uplifted.

“Initially, I went to the internet to see if there was a pre-packaged product like this that I could buy and make it easier on myself but, I came up short. After discovering there was nothing like what I was looking for on the the market, I created a small package and sent it to her. When she received it she loved it and I discovered a gap in the market.

“Why wasn’t there a prenatal gifting product catering to women during such an important time in their lives?, I asked myself. I’d recalled attending baby showers and noticing that mom-to-be never received anything for herself. As a mother of three, I understand how important it is for mom to feel loved, cherished, wanted and beautiful during her pregnancy, so I created The Stork Bag to place a little attention back on mommy.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“The purpose behind The Stork Bag is to spread love and joy to as many mothers as we can through thoughtful gifting options. Our goal is also to encourage and support female entrepreneurship through the inclusion of their products in our bags.

“Since launching in 2014, we have partnered with close to 20 different mom-created/owned brands to establish one-of-a-kind wholesale relationships and help nurture the growth of their companies through our Stork Bags. As it stands, ~85% of all products carried in our Stork Bags are from female-owned brands, including 9 Stork Bag branded products.”

Featured Product: The Great Stork Prepaid Subscription, $215

Product Description:

The Great Stork includes 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester Stork Bags + The PostBump Bag, plus free domestic shipping. Each trimester bag is filled with items like pregnancy books, stretch mark creams, and coupons for important maternity products. The PostBump Stork bag is full of goodies for a new mom, with top rated postnatal products and health & wellness products for your new baby.

Website: https://thestorkbag.com