2018 Gift Guide: Home + Lifestyle


Welcome to Like A Boss Girls’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Home & Lifestyle Category! Below, you’ll find the best gifts you can buy this holiday season to support small businesses founded by women.

Join us in putting your holiday shopping dollars toward a good cause. Many companies are offering our community an exclusive discount code, so don’t miss this great opportunity to shop, save, AND make a positive impact.

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Branch Basics

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Branch Basics Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost

Founder: Marilee Nelson, Allison Evans, Kelly Love

Company Description:

Branch Basics was founded by three women who experienced life-changing health transformations after removing harmful toxins from their food and environment. Branch Basics makes cleaning safe, simple, affordable and sustainable, with a fragrance-free, multipurpose/single-formula concentrate that can be diluted with different amounts of water to replace ALL of your cleaning needs — from doing laundry, to washing your hands, to cleaning bathroom surfaces. The concentrate is plant-and-mineral-based, free of harmful preservatives, biodegradable, not tested on animals and non-GMO.

How is your company generating positive change?

“We believe that removing toxins from the home environment is the missing link in so many health efforts. Our mission is to educate and inspire others to create a healthy home and transform their health.”

Featured Product: Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost, $69

Product Description: Includes one 32 oz Concentrate, three empty spray bottles, one Foaming Wash bottle, one Laundry bottle and one Oxygen Boost for all your cleaning needs!

Special Offer: Use code “LIKEABOSS15” for 15% off of all Starter Kits + free shipping until 12/31/18!

Website: http://www.branchbasics.com/

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Dance Happy Designs

Founder(s): Julia & Liv & Emily (don’t miss our full interview with Cofounder Emily Scott, here!)

Company Description: Screen printed products with original, hand-cut patterns.

What inspired you to start your company?

“There are three of us who founded Dance Happy: Julia, Liv, and myself (Emily). We had been close friends for many years, but we started Dance Happy together about two years ago when Julia was aging out of the school system at age 21 and she needed to figure out what she could do full-time.

“A traditional work environment would not have been a good fit for her, so we decided to try screen printing (Liv’s background) because Julia has a very creative side. Julia loved creating her own hand cut patterns and screen printing the fabric so much that we decided to make a go of it and we’ve been doing it ever since!”

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Dance Happy Designs Scattered Diamond Tote

How is your company generating positive change?

We’re on a mission to empower people who would normally be overlooked or assumed as being incapable of doing certain things based off one aspect of who they are. One of our co-founders, Julia, has Down Syndrome (she’s also our co-printer and lead pattern designer– she actually cuts each of our patterns by hand!) and she is forging her own path by creating a meaningful career for herself. Dance Happy is all about proving what is possible when someone decides to break outside of the box they’ve been put in by other people.

Featured Product:  Dance Happy Designs Scattered Diamond Screen Printed Tote Bag, $50

Product Description: Flat-bottom tote bag made of natural-colored cotton canvas. Features a hand-cut & screen printed scattered black diamond pattern. Army green handles/straps. Measures ~20 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall (not including handle).
8 inch gusset along the bottom. All work is done by hand. Pattern designed by Julia and tote bag printed by either Julia or Liv and sewn by Emily.

Special Offer: Get free shipping on any size online order through December 17, 2018 with promo code BOSSGIRLS.

Website: http://www.dancehappydesigns.com/

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Griotitude "Palm Wine" Print
Griotitude “Palm Wine” Print

Founder: Sotonye Odugbemi

Company Description: Griotitude is a family run business that creates home decor items designed by the matriarch of the family. Prints, wall mounts, and framed images populate the collection, and all designs are inspired by Sotonye’s Nigerian heritage.

What inspired you to start your company?

“My daughter was admitted to the hospital because she was struggling to breathe. Freaking out on the inside, I was desperate for a distraction. With no prior design experience, I started to create colors and patterns inspired by the cloth and culture of my childhood in Nigeria using an app I found on my phone. I noticed that the process and outcome was soothing. By the time we were discharged, I was left with a portfolio of vibrant interpretations of the vintage fabrics I had seen on my mum, grandmas and aunties.

“As I shared my designs with my friends and families I noticed a theme of people commenting on how my designs made them feel, with many suggesting that I share my designs with others by selling them. So this is me, stepping my toes in the proverbial pool to see if I can share my designs with the world.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“My designs were a source of calm during a very difficult time and my hope is that as people put my designs up on the walls of their homes, it brings them as much (if not more) peace, joy and happiness as it did for me.”

Featured Product: “Palm Wine,” £20

Product Description: “The product is a choice of my designs available as A4 prints (£20), A3 wall mounts (£25) or A3 framed (£50). Shipping for the prints are £2.99 and £6.50 for the framed designs.”

Special Offer: Use code GLABG for 10% off!

Website: https://www.griotitude.com/shop

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A Pet With Paws

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A Pet with Paws Madison Carrier With Pet-Trek

Founder: Ann Greenberg

Company Description: A Pet with Paws®is a collection of innovative, chic and sustainable pet carriers and accessories that enable pet parents to travel in style with their pets safely, comfortably and effortlessly.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I was President of a handbag company called The Underground Chic that manufactured fashionable, eco-friendly handbags made from recycled plastic bottles.

“I wanted to expand my handbag business and I noticed that my stepdaughter Karen was carrying her beautiful cat, Madison, in a very unattractive and bulky pet carrier. I realized that by using my handbag knowledge, I could modify the handbag [into] a pet carrier.

“The carrier would have the look and feel of a chic handbag but with the functionality, comfort and safety of a pet carrier.  I was excited about this opportunity and I founded A Pet with Paws.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Pets are now viewed as members of the family, and an increasing number of pet owners take their pets with them whether they are running errands, going to the office or traveling to destinations near and far.

“However, carrying a pet in a carrier can become uncomfortable for the owner. The solution lies in the development of our patent-pending Pet-Trek®, a 4-spinner-wheel folding trolley which moves in any direction, like 4-spinner wheel luggage, thereby taking the weight off the pet owners’ shoulders and back, allowing them the freedom to transport their pet safely, comfortably and effortlessly.

“The Pet-Trek® is designed to work seamlessly with our pet carriers, making it easy for pet owners to travel with their small pets anywhere at any anytime.”

Featured Product: Madison Carrier With Pet-Trek®, $189 & up

Product Description:
Available Colors: Pink, Pecan, Cobalt. Available in 2 sizes: Small: 16” W x 10” H x 9 1/2” D, $189.00. Large: 18” W x 11 1/2” H x 10 1/2” D, $199.00

Features: –100% printed fabric made from recycled plastic bottles — Breathable mesh back, side and top — Double zip top and side opening with Velcro closing — Removable and washable polyester sherpa fleece covered bottom — Side-end double pocket — Adjustable and removable shoulder strap — Real metal lock and trim — Airline approved

Special Offer: Get 30% off your order from A Pet with Paws with promo code HOLIDAY.  Free shipping with any order over $100.

Website: https://www.apetwithpaws.com

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PLUS ULTRA toothbrush
PLUS ULTRA’s Hello Gorgeous toothbrush.

Founder: Christina Ramirez

Company Description: Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and travel accessories for adults and kids.

What inspired you to start your company?

“It was a business plan I wrote in college at UCSB that addresses two global issues: plastic waste and the poor oral hygiene epidemic.”

How is your company making a difference and generating positive change?

“We have reduced over 1,500 tons of plastic waste from entering our landfills and oceans so far.”

Featured Product: Hello Gorgeous Toothbrushes (one-year supply), $24

Product Description: This one-year eco pack contains four bamboo brushes, an eco-friendly alternative to the average plastic toothbrush. These durable brushes feature stylishly sculpted handles and soft, nylon bristles, making them pleasant on both the eyes and the mouth.

Special Offer: LIKEABOSSGIRLS for a 15% discount off an entire order on liveplusultra.com. This applies to all of our eco-packs.

Website: https://liveplusultra.com

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Soukra Picnic Set
Soukra Picnic Set

Founder: Pauline Eveillard

Company Description: Soukra sells home and fashion from Tunisian entrepreneurs as a way to shed a spotlight on the burgeoning community of creatives post Arab Spring. In this divisive time, they also aim to foster tolerance and mutual understanding by celebrating the creative communities of Tunisia.

How is your company generating positive change?

“Since the Arab Spring, there has been a growing entrepreneurial movement in Tunisia, with young designers using methods and materials rooted in Tunisian tradition to create exciting, modern products. I launched Soukra to raise awareness about this vibrant community of talented entrepreneurs whose creations support artisan communities across the country. I lived in Tunisia in 2005-2006 while on a Fulbright, and fell in love with the country. I return every couple of years to spend time with lifelong friends I met while living there, foster deep relationships with Tunisia’s entrepreneurs, and continue exploring the stories behind the people, places, and products of Tunisia.”

Featured Product: Picnic Gift Set, $124 (free shipping)

Product Description: Everything you need for an elevated picnic is included in this set packed with our favorite pieces – handblown tumblers, a beautiful olive wood serving bowl, woven serving platter, large fouta blanket, and sweet mini napkins. Spread out your fouta on a warm patch of grass, grab a bottle of rose and some friends, then relish the simple joy of a few hours relaxing in the sunshine.

Special Offer: Use code LABGholiday at checkout for 15% off! (through Dec. 31)

Website: https://soukra.co