December 1 is World AIDS Day: Here’s How To Honor It

Today is World AIDS Day — and you might be surprised by how many young people are still impacted by HIV, a serious virus which attacks the body’s immune system. Even with all the advances in prevention, treatment and vaccines, a young person between the ages of 15 and 24 becomes infected with HIV/AIDS every 15 seconds.

That’s why its important to observe this special day, so you can help raise awareness. Wearing a red ribbon is one idea, or you could think of a way to educate your friends and classmates about the facts–like by writing a blog post or school newspaper article. Reminding people about what’s true and what’s not can ensure continued support for research and education  — facts can also help prevent fear from spreading like it did when the virus first came to public attention in the 1980s. For example: HIV is not passed on through spitting, biting or sharing utensils.

Other ideas: Join an AIDS walk or organize one in your hometown. Of course, another great way to help raising money for groups such as FACE AIDS, a global youth movement to fight HIV and AIDS.  You could sell red ribbons, cupcakes  — or check out some of our other great fundraising ideas to help you get started.