Shout Out: Golden Globe’s Winner Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

Lady Gaga isn’t just a Golden Globes winner, she’s creating a “kinder, braver world”—one little monster at a time. The pop princess is the brainchild behind the Born This Way Foundation, a rocking effort to end bullying and create more acceptance and empowerment for all.

Gaga and her mom, Cynthia Germanotta, first started the foundation together in 2011 and later kicked it off at Harvard University with notables like Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Among Gaga’s inspiring words to the packed crowd of 1,000-plus: “When you see someone being negative to somebody else, it’s OK to intervene and stand up for someone that needs it … I don’t believe that one person can change the world. I believe that humankind, as a whole, can change the world.”

The Born This Way Foundation has three major pillars that describe its mission: Safety (creating a safe, useful environment that supports individuality); Skills (fostering advocacy, civic engagement and ease of self-expression); and Opportunity (identifying solutions and ways to impact local communities). Gaga spreads the message by way of her super-cool “Born Brave” bus, which trails her tour bus and helps youth connect to awesome organizations in their communities. (Check out the virtual bus here!) She also empowers youth advocates to do their thing—including our own HOG girl Emily-Anne Rigal.

So how can you help? Gaga has a few ideas:

Put it on the map: Help create the “bravest map ever” by submitting local resources and organizations that do their part to empower youth.

Spread the word: Lady Gaga uses her voice for a good cause, and so can you. This page shows you how to build buzz in social media and among your family and friends.

Share your story: Could your personal story inspire other teens and youth? Here’s your chance to share it with the BTW Foundation.

Make a brave contribution: Click here to make a donation to the foundation — after all, generosity rocks!

Watch Oprah introduce Lady Gaga at the Born This Way Foundation launch last year!