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Money Today

What you do with your money today is important. How much are you spending each month? Do you have enough cash in your savings account to make it through an emergency? Do you tend to spend money on unnecessary “extras” like meal delivery or memberships you don’t actually use? It’s important to understand your finances sooner rather than later and create a budget that works for you. We want to help you get to a place of financial empowerment so you’re making smart choices now and forever.

The Road to Financial Empowerment: Money Today

  • Education: Read actionable, real-life lessons about managing your money today and every day. Knowledge is power — so the more you know, the more likely it is that you can achieve and maintain financial stability.
  • Inspiration: Part of the joy of being smart about your day-to-day finances is that it will allow you to save up enough money to give back or splurge on the people or things you love — all of which will bring you joy. It’s never too late to get your finances in order! Learn from financial experts and our contributors’ personal anecdotes that will inspire you to make the most of your money today.
  • Action: We will help you evaluate how to make the most of your fixed monthly expenses versus your elective purchases on items such as clothes, food and activities, and help you to identify the areas in your life where you could be cutting costs. Taking action is up to you! Let us encourage you to try new (gimmick-free) money-saving and money-making strategies — it’s the only way to truly learn what works with you and your lifestyle.

Talking openly about finances can be uncomfortable or intimidating, so it’s often easier to simply not talk about it. We need to break the silence! When money is treated as a secretive topic, it is no wonder why so many of us end up being ill-equipped to manage our own finances. Let us help you make the most of your money today and pave the way to a better tomorrow.