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Money Long-term

It takes a lot of energy deciding how to spend your money day-to-day, so it is often easy to put off long-term financial planning for “later”. The truth is that the sooner you can start planning for the future, the better off you will be — even if you have very little to set aside today.

We challenge you to do more than taking the path of least resistance. Be proactive about researching payment options for medical or student loan debt. Practice self-care by contributing a small amount — even $1/day — to an investment fund or your savings account. Learn how to be strategic about lowering your fixed monthly expenses, like internet, gas & electric, and making smart decisions with your rent or mortgage. Take advantage of important tax deductions. Open up the conversation with your parents and siblings about who is in charge of managing their finances and care before it’s a crisis situation. Find out which types of insurance — life, renters or homeowners, flood, travel, etc. — make sense for you and fit your lifestyle.

All of these things may be a little extra work, but it’s a worthwhile energy expenditure that could save you lots of unnecessary stress and thousands of dollars each year. Most importantly, if and when you have the opportunity, make it a priority to educate the next generation on how to manage their money to set them up for future success.

Long-Term Financial Planning Starts Today

  • Education: Learn all about smart money management from finance experts who can get you on the right path with your big-picture spending and saving.
  • Inspiration: Discover strategies for increasing your compensation and earning power by advocating for yourself in the workplace
  • Action: Be proactive about setting up your long-term financial empowerment strategy. Explore financial resources that can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Long-term financial planning doesn’t start tomorrow — use our resources to get started on making the most of your future money today. Be fearless and unapologetic in your pursuit of long-term financial stability. Smart money moves are always within your reach!