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The job market has become more flexible and diverse than ever, but sticking with tradition as a company employee has its perks–lots of them. Working in a professional, structured environment has a unique set of challenges, but it also comes with awesome features like stability, benefits, a comfy office, and a reliable paycheck! Learning how to navigate a traditional workplace–from the first-round interview to securing a place on the company board–is key to building a successful career that you love.

Your Tool Kit for Thriving in the Workplace

  • Education: Learn skills and tools for being successful as a company employee. Navigating workplace dynamics can be a challenge–from managing a difficult coworker to getting passed over for a promotion. Your ability to elegantly maneuver turbulent situations while getting your work done is key to standing out and demonstrating your value to your company.
  • Inspire: Read stories about people who are making a big impact on how things are being done in the workplace.
  • Action: Be proactive about new opportunities. Ask for the compensation you deserve and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. If you’re not happy in your current position, don’t be afraid to change jobs. Learn how to hire hardworking people who share your vision and work ethic, and steer clear of toxic employees who want to sabotage or undermine your work.

You probably spend more hours at work than anywhere else, so make sure that your work as a company employee is satisfying and rewarding. Commit to being the type of employee that you would want on your team and you will find a great deal of success.