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Career Tool Kit

Most of us spend a lot of our time and energy at work, which is why our career trajectory is oh-so-important. Your career path is bound to be full of both wins and losses, as well as many stressful, follow-your-gut decisions that may or may not work out in the end. Our career tool kit is a resource for success in the workplace — from negotiation skills, to professional references, to writing a cover letter for a new position. to venturing off on a solo career endeavor.

Your Tool Kit for a Rewarding & Successful Career:

  • Education: Get started on a solo career or add value to your company’s new endeavor by mastering our Business Plan Basics. This series will teach you how to get a new business rolling — from your business description to a competitive analysis and marketing plan.
  • Inspiration: Get motivation to evaluate your current job and assess where you’re headed next. By remembering to keep an eye on the future, you will begin to steer your career in a direction that will allow for growth and new challenges.
  • Action: Discover resources that will help you stay current and increase your value as an employee — like where to find free coding classes online.

Your career is a journey, and each job you hold will teach you something valuable that you will be able to reference in your next role. Our career tool kit will help you stay on top of your game in your current position, and assist you in identifying where you want to be next.